Coordinates: 23°26′58″N 120°36′12″E / 23.449365°N 120.603320°E / 23.449365; 120.603320

Fanlu Township (Chinese: 番路鄉; pinyin: Fānlù Xiāng) is a rural township in Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Fanlu Township
Ren-Yi Tan Reservoir
Ren-Yi Tan Reservoir
Fanlu Township in Chiayi County
Fanlu Township in Chiayi County
LocationChiayi County, Taiwan
 • Total118 km2 (46 sq mi)
 (May 2022)
 • Total11,029


After the World War II in October 1945, the township became part of Tainan County. After readjustment in October 1950, the township became part of Chiayi County. In 1951, the township governs 11 villages and 112 neighborhoods.[1]

Administrative divisionsEdit

Jiangxi, Neiweng, Xinfu, Xiakeng, Panlu, Minhe, Chukou, Dahu, Gongtian, Gongxing and Caoshan Village.


It has a population total of 11,029 and an area of 117.5269 km2.

Tourist attractionsEdit

Longyin Temple, with the Dijiu Suspension Bridge in the background


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