Family tree of the Twenty-first, Twenty-second, and Twenty-third Dynasties of Egypt

The Twenty-first, Twenty-second, and Twenty-third Dynasties ruled Egypt from the 10th century through the 8th century BC. The family tree of the Twenty-first dynasty was heavily interconnected with the family of the High Priests of Amun at Thebes. The Twenty-second dynasty and Twenty-third dynasty were also related by marriage to the family of the High Priests.

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possibly descent
possibly marriage

Ramesses XI
r.1107–1078/77 BC
Tentamun A
Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt
r.1074–1070 BC
r.1080–1074 BC
Queen Tentamun B 
r.1077 - 1051 BC[2]
Pinedjem I
r.1070–1032 BC[3]
Queen Duathathor-Henuttawy
r.1051–1047 BC
Queen Mutnedjmet[8] 
Psusennes I
r.1047 - 1001 BC
Lady WiayMenkheperre[9]
r.1045–992 BC
r.1054–1045 BC
r.1046–1045 BC
r.1001 - 992 BC
Isetemkheb C (III)Shoshenq A
Great Chief of the Ma
Mehtenweskhet A
King's Mother
Smendes II
r.992–990 BC
Pinedjem II
r.990–976 BC
Isetemkheb D 
Osorkon the Elder
r.992 – 986 BC
Nimlot A
Great Chief of the Ma
Tentsepeh A
same person?Twenty-first Dynasty of Egypt
Psusennes III
r.976–943? BC
Psusennes II
r.967 - 943 BC
r.986 - 967 BC
Queen Karimala 
Shoshenq I
r.943–922 BC
Karomama A
Queen Maatkare B 
Osorkon I
r.922–887 BC
r.944–924 BC
same person?
NesitanebetashruShoshenq C 
Shoshenq II
r.887–885 BC
IuwelotSmendes III 
Takelot I
r.885–872 BC
Queen Kapes
Harsiese A
r.880–860 BC
Harsiese BDjedmutesakh IV 
Osorkon II
r.872–837 BC
Tentsepeh CNimlot C
r.855–845 BC
Shoshenq III
r.837–798 BC
Pedubast I
r.829–804 BC
Queen Karomama II 
Takelot II
r.845/34 – 835/824 BC
(as High Priest of Amun from 845–840 BC)
Shoshenq IV
r.798–785 BC
Shoshenq VI
r.804–798 BC
Iuput I
r.829–804 BC
Osorkon III
r.798–769 BC
(as High Priest of Amun from 840–785 BC)
Chief of Herakleopolis
r.785–778 BC
Shoshenq VII
r.755–732 BC
Takelot III
r.774–759 BC
r.759–755 BC
Shoshenq V
r.778–740 BC
Tadibast III
King's Wife
Pedubast II
r.740–730 BC
r.720 – 715 BC
King of Herakleopolis Magna
r.c.754-c.720 BC
IrbastudjanefuOsorkon F 
Osorkon IV
r.730–716 BC
Twenty-third Dynasty of EgyptMale-line ancestors of Pasenhor
(see Stela of Pasenhor)
Twenty-second Dynasty of Egypt


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