Karomama II (full name Karomama Meritmut; also known as Karomama D, Merytmut II)[1] was an ancient Egyptian queen, Great Royal Wife of pharaoh Takelot II of the 23rd Dynasty of Egypt.

Queen consort of Egypt
Relief Osorkon B Lepsius.jpg
Karomama's cartouche appears above the figure of her son, the prince Osorkon, at Karnak
SpousePharaoh Takelot II
IssueOsorkon III
Karomama Meritmut
Dynasty22nd23rd Dynasty
FatherHigh Priest of Amun Nimlot C
MotherTentsepeh C
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion


Karomama brought various titles such as King's Wife, King's Daughter, Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt. She was a daughter of the High Priest of Amun Nimlot C and the lady Tentsepeh C. Her paternal grandparents were pharaoh Osorkon II and queen Djedmutesankh.[2]

Karomama married pharaoh Takelot II and was mother of pharaoh Osorkon III.[1] Karomama also was the grandmother of both pharaohs Takelot III and Rudamun and of the God's Wife of Amun Shepenupet I[2] Karomama is known from the Chronicle of Osorkon B at Karnak and the Nile Quay Texts dating to the reign of her son Osorkon III.

          Osorkon II = Djedmutesankh
                  Nimlot C = Tentsepeh C
                      Karomama II = Takelot II
                              Osorkon III


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