Isetemkheb D was the sister-wife of the Theban High Priest of Amun Pinedjem II during the Twenty-first Dynasty of Egypt.

Chief of the Harem of Amun-Re
Mummy of Isetemkheb D found in DB320
TT320 in Thebes
SpousePinudjem II
IssuePsusennes II
Lady Harweben
Dynasty21st Dynasty of Egypt
MotherIsetemkheb C
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion

Family Edit

Isetemkheb D was the daughter of the King's Son, Theban High Priest of Amun and General, Menkheperre, and his wife, Isetemkheb C. Isetemkheb D married her brother Pinedjem II.[1]

Isetemkheb and Pinedjem II are thought to have had four children:[1] [2]

Pinedjem II as depicted on his Book of the Dead

Burial Edit

Isetemkheb's mummy and coffins were found in the royal cache found in TT320 in Deir el-Bahari in Thebes. Istemkheb's mummy was never unwrapped.[3]

References Edit

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