FK Rabotnički

FK Rabotnichki (Macedonian: ФК Работнички) or more commonly Rabotnički (old transliteration) and Rabotnicki[1][2][3] is a football club that plays at the Toshe Proeski Arena in Skopje, North Macedonia. They currently compete in the Macedonian First League.

FK Rabotnički logo.svg
Full nameFudbalski klub Rabotnichki Skopje
Nickname(s)Романтичари (Romantics)
Железничaри (Railers)
Херојот од Дебар маало (The Hero from Debar Quart)
Founded4 October 1937; 83 years ago (1937-10-04)
GroundToshe Proeski Arena
ChairmanDragan Popovski
ManagerAleksandar Vlaho
LeagueMacedonian First League
2019–20Macedonian First League, 8th
WebsiteClub website
Active departments of Sports Club Rabotnichki
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FK Rabotnichki was founded in 1937 as SK Radnički Skoplje.[4][5] It is widely regarded as the ‘railway football club’. It started competing in the 1938–39 Second League of the Skoplje Football Subassociation which finished 4th out of 5 teams. However the next season Radnički won the league with no defeats among 6 teams and with a goal difference of 45–6, thus earning promotion to the First League of the Skoplje Football Subassociation. However the 1940–41 season of the First League of the Skoplje Football Subassociation was interrupted by the start of the Second World War. By the time Rabotnički had one win, two draws and one defeat.[6]

After the end of the war, for a long time, Rabotnichki competed in the Federal Second League or the Macedonian Republic League. They also competed in the First Federal League of SFR Yugoslavia for two years. Since the Republic of Macedonia became an independent country, Rabotnichki constantly competes in the Macedonian First League. In all these years since its establishing in 1937, Rabotnichki has always been among the best clubs, and has always been a good representative of Macedonian football in Europe.

Rabotnički KometalEdit

The club's most successful years were those between 2001 and 2008 when the club was acquired by the famous company Kometal. Since it was acquired by Kometal, Rabotnichki showed constant progress: in 2002/03 they finished second in the national league and competed in the UEFA Cup, (2004/05) they won the national championship and competed in the qualifications for the UEFA Champions League, and in (2007/08) they had their best year by winning the double crown. Kometal and Trifun Kostovski left Rabotnichki and took over Vardar in 2008. The following year they won the Macedonian Cup for the second time in club history.

On 14 July 2009, they faced Crusaders FC of Northern Ireland in the UEFA Europa League 2nd qualifying round; the 1st leg was drawn 1–1.[7] They managed to win the second leg 4–2 and went out in the 3rd qualifying round against Odense BK after losing 3–7 on aggregate.

On 16 July 2010, they were drawn against Liverpool in the UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round.[8] In the first leg on 29 July 2010, they lost 2–0, losing the return leg 2–0 a week later.[9]

In July 2011, they were named the best club in the World for that month by the IFFHS. The winning streak of five games in the Europa League, from which four were in July, plus a win against Bregalnica in the first round of the domestic league were more than enough for the International Federation of Football History & Statistics to name Rabotnički as the "Best club in the World for July 2011".[10]

In March 2012, with 674 points on the IFFHS list Rabotnički became the best club from Macedonia in the 21st century.[11]

On 11 May 2014, Rabotnichki won their fourth Macedonian First League title.[12] After winning their third Macedonian Cup the previous week, they accomplished the double crown for the 2nd time in club history.


Association of Veterans of Rabotnichki has been functioning informally since the formation of the club Rabotnichki itself, in 1937.

Officially, the association of the veterans of Rabotnički is formally registered in front of the competent court of law with approval number 29/05 in 18.02.2005, and it is notified in the register of the associations of citizens and foundations under registration number 1928 by the name Rabotnički “Veterans” Skopje with main office in Skopje, city park in large numbers. This association inherited the property of legal entity on 18 February 2005. Apart from this right, of independent legal entity, the association is functioning in association with Rabotnički, generally comparing its policies, delegate its own members in the governing bodies of the club, gives its own opinions, suggestions, and proposals of a common interest, and all this with a purpose-achieving greater results and giving real affirmation of the club in both Macedonia and abroad.

Basic sources of financing of the association are: enrollment fee, sponsorship, as well as goods that are supplied and sold by the club. Members of the association are: Active members who have spent a number of years in the running of the club as well as sportsmen who were active football players in the club for many years, as well as many citizens who have shown an interest in joining the association. Accordingly, the association has members from all branches of society life including: lawyers, professors, directors of famous companies, ambassadors, coaches, famous football players representatives and many other famous persons from the sport and public life.

President of the association since its inception is the Lawyer Dragan Popovski, the Secretary-General is Gojko Stojanovski, and the selector is Jastrat Janevski. It is with special interest that we mention that the association of veterans of FK Rabotnički is first of its kind in the Republic of Macedonia. From the moment of creation, the association has shown great development of football matters, while creating and expanding upon friendly relations with other football clubs both in Macedonia and abroad.

To this end the association has established friendly sporting relations with teams from Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Sweden among others. The association Rabotnički Veterans is a regular participant in the traditional Albena Cup, held in Albena, Bulgaria every year. As well as in competitive games with teams in Bulgaria it has played a couple of games with teams from Romania with teams from Turkey and with teams from Serbia .

Almost with every concerned with the association have through hard work and persistence gained excellent results and helped it win numerous cups and international recognition.

The successful activity of the association continues further more. As charged and responsible inheritors of the positive changes are: Dokovski, Popovski, Lazarov, Milosevski, Zefic, M.Andreevski, G.Stojanovski, D.Stojanovski, Janevski, N.Bogoevski, S.Bogojevski, Dzipunov, Janev, Jovevski, Jugilizov, Bojcevski, Ilievski, Petkovski.

Training CampEdit

The training camp of Rabotnički is located in the city park opposite of the Toshe Proeski Arena, where Rabotnički plays its official matches in the domestic league and European competition. At the moment there are three completely renovated football fields (two with flood lighting). At the end of 2007 new facilities as a back–up for the football fields were built: containing dressing rooms, rooms for rest, a restaurant, gym and fitness area, a medical room and all sport and medical care infrastructures that are at the service of the players and support better conditions for work and better performance for the club.


Day Time
North – 11,974
South – 11,562
East – 6,462
West – 6,462
Total – 36,460

FK Rabotnički's home venue is Toshe Proeski Arena. Its current capacity is 36,460[13] spectators which puts it among 10 largest stadiums on the Balkans[citation needed]. The pitch is 105 x 68 m. Two big scoreboards, 18 x 6 m are installed on both East and West stands. There are 494 VIP boxes and 386 media seats, all of them on the North stand. Toshe Proeski Arena is an all-seater ground with 80% of the seats covered from inclement weather.


  Champions (12):

  1st:1941,1943,1953,1966, 1968, 1973, 1977, 1980, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2007–08, 2013–14

  Macedonian Second League:

  Cup Winners (10):

  1st: 1954, 1957, 1974, 1978, 1983, 1988,2007–08, 2008–09, 2013–14, 2014–15

  Macedonian Supercup:

  • Runners-up (1): 2015

Recent seasonsEdit

Season League Cup European competitions
Division P W D L F A Pts Pos
1992–93 2. MFL 38 15 9 14 48 47 39 10th
1993–94 2. MFL West 26 9 4 13 31 38 22 12th
1994–95 2. MFL West 32 11 7 14 47 41 40 11th
1995–96 2. MFL West 30 11 10 9 45 33 43 10th
1996–97 2. MFL West 29 11 5 13 28 35 38 11th R1
1997–98 2. MFL West 30 20 7 3 62 18 67 1st ↑
1998–99 1. MFL 26 9 5 12 38 46 32 9th QF
1999–00 1. MFL 26 16 2 8 41 26 50 3rd SF
2000–01 1. MFL 26 12 3 11 43 36 39 6th R2 UEFA Cup QR
2001–02 1. MFL 20 6 3 11 30 41 21 6th R2
2002–03 1. MFL 33 16 6 11 41 35 54 4th R2
2003–04 1. MFL 33 16 10 7 58 40 58 4th SF
2004–05 1. MFL 33 25 3 5 66 23 78 1st QF
2005–06 1. MFL 33 21 9 3 64 26 72 1st R1 Champions League QR2
2006–07 1. MFL 33 19 10 4 75 25 67 2nd QF Champions League / UEFA Cup QR3 / R1
2007–08 1. MFL 33 24 7 2 51 11 79 1st W UEFA Cup R1
2008–09 1. MFL 30 13 8 9 40 25 47 4th W Champions League QR1
2009–10 1. MFL 26 15 5 6 38 20 50 2nd RU Europa League QR3
2010–11 1. MFL 33 15 10 8 53 31 55 4th R1 Europa League QR3
2011–12 1. MFL 33 11 8 14 49 45 41 8th RU Europa League PO
2012–13 1. MFL 33 16 5 12 47 42 53 4th R1
2013–14 1. MFL 33 18 8 7 66 35 62 1st W
2014–15 1. MFL 32 20 6 6 55 30 66 2nd W Champions League QR2
2015–16 1. MFL 32 10 13 9 36 30 43 4th RU Europa League PO
2016–17 1. MFL 36 14 12 10 49 41 54 3rd R2 Europa League QR1
2017–18 1. MFL 36 14 10 12 50 43 52 3rd R2 Europa League QR2
2018–19 1. MFL 36 13 7 16 43 49 46 7th QF Europa League QR1
2019–20 1. MFL Abandoned due to COVID-19 pandemic[14]

Rabotnički in EuropeEdit

2009–10 UEFA Europa League qualifying match between FK Rabotnichki and Crusaders FC at Philip II Arena in Skopje

Rabotnichki's first competitive European match was a 0–2 loss against Vorskla Poltava in the 2000–01 UEFA Cup. Krste Velkoski holds the record for most appearances in Europe for the club with 22. Also, he is a top scorer in UEFA club competitions with 6 goals. The biggest win in UEFA competition was against FC Lusitanos in the 2010–11 Europa League, defeating them by the score of 5–0, 6–0 and 11–0 on aggregate.


Current squadEdit

As of 29 January 2021

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   MKD Burhan Mustafa
4 DF   MKD Fisnik Zuka
6 DF   SRB Draško Đorđević
7 MF   MKD Petar Petkovski
8 MF   MKD Andrej Lazarov
9 FW   MKD Fahrudin Gjurgjevikj
10 MF   MKD Dimitar Todorovski
11 DF   MKD Goran Siljanovski
14 MF   MKD Dragan Stojkov
16 DF   MKD Hristijan Pecov
18 DF   MKD Nikola Risteski
No. Pos. Nation Player
19 FW   MKD Mario Stankovski
20 MF   MKD Marjan Ristovski
21 FW   CRO Nikola Prelčec
23 MF   MKD Kristijan Stojkoski
24 DF   MKD Hristijan Grozdanoski
26 FW   MKD Metodi Maksimov
27 MF   MKD Luka Stankovski
29 GK   MKD Risto Jankov
45 MF   MKD Stefan Jevtoski
DF   MKD Andrej Kirovski

Out on loanEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
GK   MKD Ivan Nikoloski (at Drita until 30 June 2021)
MF   MKD Hristijan Veceski (at Sasa until 30 June 2021)

Coaching staffEdit

As of 17 June 2019[15]

Position Name Nationality
Manager Ratko Dostanić   Serbian
Assistant Coach Milan Ilievski   Macedonian
Goalkeeping Coach Dragi Atanasovski   Macedonian
Fitness Coach Vladimir Vuksanović   Macedonian
Doctor Danilo Nonkulovski   Macedonian
Physiotherapist Martin Stankovski   Macedonian
Econom Stojan Vučkov   Macedonian
Econom Vesna Dimčevska   Macedonian
IT Kiril Kolekjeski   Macedonian

Club ManagementEdit

Position Name Nationality
Chairman Dragan Poposki   Macedonian
Vice-Chairman Ilija Poposki   Macedonian
Director of football Ivan Popovski   Macedonian
General Secretary Nenad Monev   Macedonian
Technical Secretary Gjoko Stojanovski   Macedonian
Finance Director Risto Popovski   Macedonian

Historical list of coachesEdit


There were two supporters groups. The supporters group Legija V was formed back in 2008. They followed the club everywhere and supported the players at every game. Before 2008 there was the group called Romantičari (formed in 2001) which was dissolved. The supporters group Debar Maalo was formed for the Macedonian. cup final vs. Makedonija GP in 2009. Since 2010 Rabotnicki doesn't have an official supporters group.


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