European Region of Gastronomy

The European Region of Gastronomy is a title given every year to one or more cities or regions in Europe. The title is awarded by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT).[1][2] Kuopio, a city in eastern Finland, is the title holder for the year 2020.

Riga, Latvia (2017)
Sibiu, Romania (2019)
Kuopio, Finland (2020)


The goal of the project is to contribute to the better quality of life by:

  • raising awareness about the importance of cultural and food uniqueness
  • stimulating creativity and gastronomic innovation
  • educating for better nutrition
  • improving sustainable tourism standards
  • highlighting distinctive food cultures
  • strengthening community well-being[1]

List of European Regions of GastronomyEdit

European Regions of Gastronomy
Year City/Region Country Notes Links
2016 Minho   Portugal Minho 2016
Catalonia   Spain Catalonia 2016
2017 Riga-Gauja   Latvia Riga-Gauja 2017
East Lombardy   Italy East Lombardy 2017
Aarhus-Central Denmark   Denmark Aarhus-Central Denmark 2017
2018 North Brabant   Netherlands North Brabant 2018
Galway-Western Ireland   Ireland Galway was also named the European Capital of Culture for 2020 Galway-West of Ireland 2018
2019 Sibiu   Romania The Transylvanian city was also the European Capital of Culture in 2007 Sibiu 2019
South Aegean   Greece South Aegean 2019
2020 Kuopio   Finland Also counts for 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic Kuopio 2020-2021
2021 Coimbra   Portugal Coimbra 2021
Slovenia   Slovenia The only country to have been included as a whole so far Slovenia 2021
2022 Trondheim-Trøndelag   Norway Trondheim-Trøndelag 2022
Menorca   Spain Menorca 2022

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