Chega (political party)

Chega (English translation: "Enough") is a Portuguese political party formed in 2019 by Andre Ventura. The party has been described as nationalist and populist.[11][9][10] In the 2019 Portuguese legislative election it won one seat in Parliament of Portugal.


Founded9 April 2019
Split fromSocial Democratic Party
Membership (2020)7,000[1]
IdeologyPortuguese nationalism[2]
National conservatism[3]
Economic liberalism[4]
Social conservatism[5]
Right-wing populism[6]
Political positionRight-wing[8] to far-right[9][10]
Colours     Dark blue
Assembly of the Republic
1 / 230
European Parliament (Portuguese seats)
0 / 21

Its inclusion in the register of Portuguese political parties was accepted by the Constitutional Court on 9 April 2019.[12] On 12 April 2019, it announced that the head of its list to the European Parliament is André Ventura. Chega was part of the Basta! coalition for the 2019 European Parliament election in Portugal.

On 5 April 2020, André Ventura resigned from the leadership of CHEGA, claiming that the internal opposition was boycotting his decisions in the party. He'll seek a new mandate for the president of the party in the September elections.[13]


Chega considers itself a party with nationalist, conservative and personalist roots.[14] It defends the promotion of an effective justice and the decrease of the State's intervention in economy. The party also presents itself as national conservative and social conservative.[15]

The party wants a decrease of the tax incidence, considering the current tributary system to be "brutal and aggressive to the ones who work and build wealth", and that "takes away half of their salary". It also defends shrinking the bureaucracy, considering it to be one of the main reasons for the "Portuguese competitive economic backwardness".[14]

Election resultsEdit

National legislative electionsEdit

Date Head of list Cl. Votes % +/- Seats +/-
2019 André Ventura 7th 67,826 1.29 New
1 / 230

European electionsEdit

Date Head of list Cl. Votes % +/- Seats +/-
2019 Basta! 0


Chega has been criticized for promoting controversial individuals to high ranking positions.[16] Before this was investigated, the head of list, André Ventura, promised to have "zero tolerance" with militants connected with extremist or racist movements.[17]


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