Duke Xi of Lu (Chinese: 魯僖公) was the ruler of Lu from 659 BC to 627 BC in Spring and Autumn period. His name is Ji Shen (姬申). Xi, literally means "happy", is his posthumous name. The posthumous name "Xi" means that he was mediocre and behaved cautiously. His father is Duke Zhuang of Lu (Chinese: 魯莊公). After Duke Xi of Lu died in 627BC, His son, Duke Wen of Lu (Chinese: 魯文公) succeeded him.[1][2]

Duke Xi of Lu
Ruler of Lu
Reign659 BC to 627 BC
PredecessorDuke Min of Lu
SuccessorDuke Wen of Lu
Died627 BC
Full name
Ancestral name: Ji (姬)
Given name: Shen (申)
HouseHouse of Ji
FatherDuke Zhuang of Lu

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