King Xiang of Zhou (died 619 BC), personal name Ji Zheng (Chinese: 姬郑), was the eighteenth king of the Chinese Zhou dynasty and the sixth of the Eastern Zhou.[2] He was a successor of his father King Hui of Zhou.[1]

King Xiang of Zhou
King of China
Reign651–619 BC[1]
PredecessorKing Hui of Zhou
SuccessorKing Qing of Zhou
Died619 BC
SpouseQueen Di
IssueKing Qing of Zhou
Ancestral name:
Given name: Zhèng
HouseZhou dynasty
FatherKing Hui of Zhou
MotherQueen Hui of Zhou
Ji Zheng
Traditional Chinese姬鄭
Simplified Chinese姬郑
Posthumous name

He married Lady of the Dí, but later dismissed her.[3]

In 635 he was driven from the capital[4] by his brother Dai and was restored by Duke Wen of Jin.[5][6]

After his death, his son King Qing of Zhou succeeded him.[7]

Family Edit


  • Zhai Hou, of the Kui clan of Di (翟後 隗姓), deposed


Ancestry Edit

King Huan of Zhou (d. 697 BC)
King Zhuang of Zhou (d. 682 BC)
King Xi of Zhou (d. 677 BC)
King Hui of Zhou (d. 652 BC)
King Xiang of Zhou (d. 619 BC)
Chen Gui of Chen

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King Xiang of Zhou
 Died: 619 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of China
651–619 BC
Succeeded by