Donald Lapointe

Donald Lapointe (born 25 September 1936 in Disraeli, Quebec) is a Canadian clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church and emeritus auxiliary bishop in Saint-Jérôme.[1]


On 23 May 1964 Donald Lapointe received the priestly ordination for the bishopric of Sherbrooke.

Pope John Paul II appointed him on 26 October 2002 as titular bishop of Octabia,[2] and auxiliary bishop in Saint-Jérôme. The Bishop of Saint-Jérôme, Gilles Cazabon, gave him the bishop's ordination on December 13, The co-conquerors were André Gaumond, Archbishop of Sherbrooke, and Vital Massé, Bishop of Mont-Laurier.

On 30 July 2011, Pope Benedict XVI took his age-related resignation.


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