Debreceni VSC

Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club is a professional football club, based in Debrecen, Hungary, that competes in the Nemzeti Bajnokság I, the first tier of Hungarian football.[2] They are best known internationally for reaching the group stages of the UEFA Champions League in the 2009–10 season.[3] Debrecen have become the most successful club in Hungary since 2000, winning the Hungarian League seven times.[4]

Debreceni VSC
Debreceni VSC logo.svg
Full nameDebreceni Vasutas Sport Club
Short nameDVSC
Founded12 March 1902; 119 years ago (1902-03-12)
GroundNagyerdei Stadion
ChairmanHungary Péter Szabó
ManagerSpain Joan Carrillo[1]
LeagueNB I
2020–21NB II, 1st (promoted)
WebsiteClub website
Current season


Debrecen was founded on 12 March 1902 as Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club.[5] The club first reached the Nemzeti Bajnokság I in the 1943–44 season. Debrecen rose to domestic prominence in the early 2000s when they won their first Hungarian league title in 2004–05 season. Since then the club managed to win seven titles in the 2010s total. However, in the late 2010s the club lost its governmental support and started to decline. In the 2016-17 Nemzeti Bajnokság I, they were escaping from relegation.

At international level, Debrecen reached their biggest success when they managed to reach the 2009–10 UEFA Champions League group stage.[6] The following year they reached the group stages of the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League.[7]

Crest and coloursEdit

Naming historyEdit

  • 1902–12: Egyetértés Football Club
  • 1912–48: Debreceni Vasutas
  • 1948–49: Debreceni Vasutas Sport Egyesület
  • 1949–55: Debreceni Lokomotív
  • 1955–56: Debreceni Törekvés
  • 1957–79: Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club
  • 1979–89: Debreceni Munkás Vasutas Sport Club
  • 1989–95: Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club
  • 1995–99: DVSC-Epona
  • 1999–01: Debreceni VSC
  • 2001–02: Netforum-DVSC
  • 2002: Debreceni VSC
  • 2003–05: DVSC-MegaForce
  • 2005–06: DVSC-AVE Ásványvíz
  • 2006–16: DVSC-TEVA
  • 2016–: Debreceni Vasutas Sport Club

Manufacturers and shirt sponsorsEdit

The following table shows in detail Debreceni VSC kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors by year:

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
1977– adidas
1993–1995 paletta
−2000 Epona
2000–2001 Soproni Ászok
2001–2002  —
2002–2003 Arany Ászok
2003–2004 Nike MegaForce / Arany Ászok
2005 adidas Ave Ásványvíz / Arany Ászok
2005–2006 Ave Ásványvíz /
2006–2007 Teva / Ave Ásványvíz
2008–2009 Teva
2009–2010 Orangeways / Teva
2010–2016 Teva

Stadiums and facilitiesEdit

Debrecen played their home matches at Oláh Gábor utcai Stadion between 1989 and 2014

Debrecen played their home matches between 1989 and 2014 at the Oláh Gábor utcai Stadion, which has a capacity of 12,500. After winning the first Nemzeti Bajnokság I trophy, it was found that the stadium did not meet UEFA stadium criteria. Therefore, the most important UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches had to be played at the Ferenc Puskás Stadium as in 2009-10 UEFA Champions League group stage and the 2010-11 UEFA Europa League group stage.

On 1 May 2014, the Nagyerdei stadium was opened with an inauguration ceremony. Viktor Orbán, Hungarian prime minister, said that "the Hungarian spirit, the architects, the engineers, the workers make Hungary great again with this constructions like the Nagyerdei stadium" (in Hungarian: "A magyar szellem, a tervezők, a mérnökök, a munkások ilyen alkotásokkal teszik ismét naggyá Magyarországot"). The stadium was also sanctified by Nándor Bosák, bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, Gusztáv Bölcskei, minister, and Fülöp Kocsis, bishops of the Greek Catholic Church. After the sanctification, singers such as Lou Bega, Viktor Király, Ildikó Kersztes, Gigi Radić, and Erika Miklósa entertained the audience. The first match was played between the Debrecen All Stars and Hungary All Stars, including players such as Attila Pintér, current Hungary national football team coach, Kálmán Kovács, former Budapest Honvéd legend, Péter Lipcsei, former Ferencváros icon, György Véber, former Újpest icon and Mezőkövesd manager at that time, Imre Garaba, former Hungary international, Flórián Urbán, former Újpest legend, and Lajos Détári, former Hungary national team legend.[8]

On 10 May 2014, the first official match was played at the new stadium between Debrecen and Újpest in the 2013–14 Hungarian League season. The match ended with a 3–1 victory over the Budapest-based rival, Újpest. The first goal of the match was scored by Kulcsár in the 27th minute. Although Vasiljević equalised the score in the 37th minute, Debrecen were able to clinch the victory in the second half due to an own goal by Antón in the 46-minute and a goal by Vadnai in the 85th minute.[9][10]

On 22 May 2014, the first match of the Hungary national football team was played at the stadium in front of 20,000 spectators, which ended with a 2–2 draw against Denmark national football team. The first goal was scored by the former Debrecen player Dzsudzsák. Eriksen equalised the score in the 56th minute. The debutant Varga took the lead in the 69th minute again, but the score was equalised by Schöne in the 72nd minute.[11][12][13]


Supporters of DVSC are mainly based in Debrecen, Hungary. However, the club is popular in all over Hungary. Club's main ultras group is Szívtiprók Ultras Debrecen (SZ.U.D.), which is the largest and oldest faction, founded in 1994.[14] As of 2000, SZ.U.D started to divide itself, in factions of ultras outside Debrecen, such as SZ.U.D. Budapest, SZ.U.D. Nagyvárad and SZ.U.D. Hódmezővásárhely. Among smaller groups are considered Force Field, Red Territory and Vadmacskák, which are the oldest. However, since 2009, new ultras factions, such as Sziporkák, Debrecen Hooligans, Barrabrava Debrecen and others appeared. This while several, like North Side Hooligans were dissolved in early 2000s. Debrecen has fierce rivalries with Nyíregyháza, Békéscsaba and competitive rivalries with Ferencváros, Újpest and Videoton.

On 5 August 2014, UEFA issued sanctions against Debrecen, Romania's Steaua București and Slovenia's Maribor following racist behaviour by their fans during 2014–15 UEFA Champions League qualifying against Cliftonville, Strømsgodset and Zrinjski Mostar respectively. Debrecen shut sector B of their ground after fans showed an "illicit banner" during the match against Northern Ireland’s Cliftonville.[15]

  • Szívtiprók Ultras Debrecen (founded in 1994)
Famous supporters


On 27 May 2017, it was announced that Andy Vajna could replace Gábor Szima as the owner of Debrecen. Nevertheless, Andy Vajna added that he likes football but he does not want to invest into football.[17]

On 15 August 2017, it was revealed that Gábor Szima, the owner of Debrecen, might leave the club and a Greek tycoon might arrive.[18]

On 1 July 2020, Szima resigned as the owner of the club.[19] The 73 percent of the shares of the club were purchased by the local government. László Papp, mayor of Debrecen, announced that the main goal is to be promoted to the first league again. Dániel Tőzsér, former footballer, is appointed the director of the club. It was also announced that the budget of the club will be 1.2 billion HUF.[20]

Péter Szabó said that the new management of the club will base its function on business.[21]

On 18 December 2020, it was announced that the DVSC Egyesület purchased the majority of the shares.[22]




Current squadEdit

As of 23 September 2021.[23]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
4 DF   FRA Sylvain Deslandes
5 DF   HUN Bence Pávkovics
6 DF   SRB Marko Nikolić
8 MF   MKD David Babunski
10 FW   HUN Roland Ugrai
11 DF   HUN János Ferenczi
15 MF   HUN Gergő Gyönyörű
17 FW   HUN Donát Bárány
18 DF   HUN Attila Szujó
19 MF   HUN Balázs Dzsudzsák (captain)
20 MF   HUN Ágoston Bényei
21 MF   HUN Ádám Pintér
22 MF   HUN Bence Sós
24 DF   HUN Patrik Poór
25 DF   HUN Nimród Baranyai
No. Pos. Nation Player
27 MF   HUN Ádám Bódi
29 DF   HUN Erik Kusnyír
30 FW   HUN Patrik Tischler
31 DF   HUN Zsombor Bévárdi
33 MF   HUN József Varga
42 GK   HUN Alex Hrabina
65 FW   HUN Norbert Kundrák
69 DF   HUN Mihály Korhut
70 MF   HUN Dominik Soltész
77 MF   HUN Péter Baráth
86 GK   SVK Tomáš Košický
88 FW   HUN Márk Szécsi
96 DF   BRA Charleston
99 GK   HUN Dávid Gróf
FW   MKD Dorian Babunski

Players with multiple nationalitiesEdit

Out on loanEdit

No. Pos. Nation Player
MF   HUN Nándor Kóródi (at Szeged-Csanád)

B squadEdit

No. Pos. Nation Player
GK   HUN István Szabados
GK   HUN Péter Kovács
DF   HUN Richárd Gafouroglou
DF   HUN Viktor Koval
DF   HUN Erik Mocsán
DF   HUN Zsolt Pap
DF   HUN Márk Tóth
DF   HUN István Albert
No. Pos. Nation Player
MF   HUN Kálmán Kozák
MF   HUN Alex Engel
MF   HUN Szabolcs Len
MF   HUN Bendegúz Györky
MF   HUN Mátyás Gál
FW   HUN Norbert Angyal
FW   HUN Lajos András Tóth

Non-playing staffEdit

Board of directorsEdit

Position Name
Financial Director   Géza Róka
Senior Independent Director   Ferenc Frida
Press Director   Zoltán Csubák



Position Name
Manager   Gábor Toldi
Assistant Manager   Szabolcs Huszti
Assistant Manager   Tibor Dombi
Goalkeeping Coach   Miklós Erdélyi
Fitness Coach   Mihály Dankó
Club Doctor   Zoltán Dézsi
Club Doctor   Tibor Tamás


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