Dante Frasnelli Tarter

Dante Frasnelli Tarter (6 January 1925 – 10 January 2020) was an Italian-Peruvian Roman Catholic bishop.

Frasnelli Tarter was born in Italy and was ordained to the priesthood in 1952. He served as territorial prelate of Huari, Peru, before it became a diocese, from 1967 to 2001.In all period he served as a bishop he was known for his social work for the poor. He was loved for all people in Huari, specially for those who had little. He worked with the ONG “Caritas” which was encharged of receiving donations( food, clothes, toys) As soon as donations were received Bishop Dante will give it to all people who need it. He was also known for his hard work in evangelization, in all his time as a bishop he would ride his horse to all places around Huari, explaining people the love of God, and the importance of being good catholic. [1]