Dacope Upazila

Dacope (Bengali: দাকোপ) is an upazila of Khulna District in the Division of Khulna, Bangladesh.[1]

Dacope is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 22°34.3′N 89°30.7′E / 22.5717°N 89.5117°E / 22.5717; 89.5117Coordinates: 22°34.3′N 89°30.7′E / 22.5717°N 89.5117°E / 22.5717; 89.5117
Country Bangladesh
DivisionKhulna Division
DistrictKhulna District
 • Total991.58 km2 (382.85 sq mi)
 • Total143,131
 • Density140/km2 (370/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (BST)


Dacope is located at 22°34′20″N 89°30′40″E / 22.5722°N 89.5111°E / 22.5722; 89.5111. It has 25,377 households and a total area of 991.58 km2. With an area of 99158 km2, it is bounded by Batiaghata Upazila on the north, Pashur River on the south, Rampal and Mongla Upazilas on the east and Paikgachha and Koyra Upazilas on the west. The main rivers are Pasur, Sibsa, Manki, Bhadra. The southern part of this upazila is surrounded by Sundarban (11790.13 hectares).


According to the 1991 Bangladesh census, Dacope had a population of 143,131. Males constituted 52.25% of the population, and females 47.75%. The population aged 18 or over was 78,759. Dacope had an average literacy rate of 37.6% (7+ years), compared to the national average of 32.4%.[2]


The administration of Dacope thana was established in 1913 and turned into an upazila in 1983.

Dacope Upazila is divided into Dacope Municipality and ten union parishads: Bajua, Banishanta, Dakop, Koilashgonj, Kamarkhola, Khulna Range, Laudoba, Pankhali, Sutarkhali, and Tildanga. The union parishads are subdivided into 26 mauzas and 97 villages.[3]

Dacope Municipality is subdivided into 9 wards and 15 mahallas.[3] There is a War of Liberation mass killing site at Bazua High School courtyard and a War of Liberation monument, Smriti Amlan (in front of the upazila parisad building).

NGO activitiesEdit

Operationally important NGOs are Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD), Asa, BRAC, Caritas, Proshika, World Vision, Gonoshahajjo Sangstha, HEED Bangladesh, Step, WorldFish, Nabolok, Rupantar and Prodipon, Society for participatory Education, Development (SPED), Paschim Bajua students welfare Association, Bajua, Dacope, Khulna and Bangladesh Environment and Development Society.


Primary schoolsEdit

  • 1. Government Paschim Bajua primary school
  • 2. Government Trimohani primary School
  • 3. Batbunia Government Primary School
  • 4. Government HoriMohon Primary School
  • 5. Government Primary School, Khutakhali
  • 6. Government Primary School, Badamtala
  • 7. Government Primary School, Bajua
  • 8. CMB Registered Primary School
  • 9. Batbunia J. N. Government Primary School
  • 10. Dakkhin Gunari Upen Ngar Government Primary School
  • 11. Nolian Forest Government Primary School
  • 12. Government Saleha Primary School
  • 13. Banisanta Govt. Primary school, Banisanta.
  • 14.Binapani Govt. Primary School, Khejuriya, Banisanta.

High schoolsEdit

  • Paschim Kamini Basia Rashkhola High School
  • Paschim Bajua Secondary School
  • Batbunia Collegiate School
  • Gunari Shital Chandra High School
  • Abul Hosain Girls High School
  • Burir Dabur SESDP Model High School
  • Bajua Union High School
  • Bajua Girls High School
  • Bangabandhu High School
  • Banisanta Pinak Pani High School
  • Chalna Bazar Government Girls High School
  • Chalna K C Pilot High School
  • Chunkuri High School
  • Dacope Girl's High School
  • Dacope Shaheberabad Secondary School
  • Dakshin Gunari High School
  • Government Model School
  • J P High School
  • K G V J Sammilani Girls High School
  • Kailashganj Secondary School
  • Kalabagi Sundarban High School
  • Kalinagar G C Memorial High School
  • Kamini Basia G.L. High School
  • Khona K B Secondary School
  • Laksmikhola G.T. Pallimongal High School
  • Laudobe Badamtala High School
  • Loudove Banisanta High School
  • Mohammad Ali High School
  • Mozam Nagar High School
  • Nalian High School
  • Pankhali Momotajbegum Secondary School
  • Ramnagar Binapani High School
  • Shahid Smriti Junior Girls School
  • Sonar Bangla High School
  • Sreenagar High School
  • Sundarban Adarsha High School
  • Suterkhali High School
  • Talukdar Akhter Faruque High School
  • Tildanga Union Girl's High School
  • Trimohani High School
  • Yasin High School


  • Bajua Surendra Nath College, Dacope, Khulna
  • Chalna College (1995), Chalna Bazar, Chalna Municipality, Dacope, Khulna
  • Chalna M.M. Degree college
  • Chalna Mohila Mohabidyaloy, Chalna Bazar, Dacope, Khulna
  • L.B.K. Government Mohila College, Dacope, Khulna

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