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Coordinates: 46°15′43″N 15°52′10″E / 46.262°N 15.869499°E / 46.262; 15.869499

The state road D1 (Croatian: Državna cesta D1) is a national highway in Croatia. It is a one-lane highway that spans from Macelj border crossing in the north via Krapina, Zagreb, Karlovac, Slunj, Gračac, Knin, Sinj, ending in Split.[maps 1] It is 421.2 kilometres (261.7 mi) long overall.[1]

D1 state road shield

D1 state road
Route information
Part of European route E71
Length421.2 km (261.7 mi)
Major junctions
FromAiga immigration.svg Macelj border crossing to Slovenia
Slovenian G9 road shield Slovenian G9 road
 Motorway-A2-Hex-Green.svg A2 in several interchanges

Državna cesta D207.svg D207 in Đurmanec
Državna cesta D206.svg D206 in Krapina
Državna cesta D35.svg D35 in Sveti Križ Začretje
Državna cesta D24.svg D24 near Zabok
Državna cesta D205.svg D205 near Zabok
Državna cesta D307.svg D307 near Zabok
Državna cesta D225.svg D225 in Zaprešić interchange
Motorway-A3-Hex-Green.svg A3 in a section where D1 and A3 are concurrent
Motorway-A1-Hex-Green.svg A1 in Lučko, Karlovac and Dugopolje interchanges.
Državna cesta D3.svg D3 in Lučko interchange and Karlovac
Državna cesta D310.svg D310 in Jastrebarsko
Državna cesta D228.svg D228 in Karlovac
Državna cesta D6.svg D6 in Karlovac and in Brezova Glava
Državna cesta D36.svg D36 in Karlovac
Državna cesta D42.svg D42 in Grabovac
Državna cesta D217.svg D217 in Ličko Petrovo Selo
Državna cesta D52.svg D52 near Vrelo Koreničko
Državna cesta D25.svg D25 in Korenica
Državna cesta D522.svg D522 near Udbina
Državna cesta D218.svg D218 in Bruvno
Državna cesta D27.svg D27 in Gračac
Državna cesta D59.svg D59 near Knin
Državna cesta D33.svg D33 in Knin
Državna cesta D219.svg D219 in Sinj
Državna cesta D60.svg D60 in Brnaze

Državna cesta D56.svg D56 near Klis
ToDržavna cesta D8.svg D8 in Split
CountiesKrapina-Zagorje, Zagreb County, City of Zagreb, Karlovac, Lika-Senj, Zadar, Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia
Major citiesKrapina, Zagreb, Karlovac, Slunj, Gračac, Knin, Sinj
Highway system
State roads in Croatia
Krapina, on the D1 route
Zabok, on the D1 route
Lučko, on the D1 route
Jastrebarsko, on the D1 route
Karlovac, on the D1 route
Road bridge north of Slunj, carrying the D1 road
Rastoke, on the D1 route
Slunj, on the D1 route
Plitvice Lakes National Park, next to the D1 route
The D1 road near Knin
Knin, on the D1 route
Sinj, on the D1 route
Tunnel Mravince, on the D1 route
Split, at the D1 road terminus

Before the A1 and A2 dual carriage motorways have been completed (in 2005 and 2007 respectively), the D1 was probably the busiest road during the summer in Croatia as it connected the northern border as well as the city of Zagreb with the tourist resorts at the Adriatic Sea. Since then, the traffic has waned significantly, but the D1 remains relevant as an alternative to the tolled highways.

Route descriptionEdit

North of Zagreb the D1 is mostly parallel to the A2 motorway up to the Krapina interchange, connecting to a number of the A2 interchanges directly or via connector roads.[2] It also runs parallel with railway tracks in some sections running through hilly terrain.

A part of the D1 state road is concurrent with other routes: the A2 motorway between Zaprešić and Jankomir interchanges, the A3 motorway between Jankomir and Lučko interchanges, the D3 state road between the A3 motorway Lučko interchange and Karlovac, the D6 state road in Karlovac, the D33 state road in Knin and the D219 state road in Sinj.[1][2]

Parts of the D1 have been upgraded to expressway (brza cesta) status. Currently two sections of the D1 are considered as such, since they comprise dual carriageways or are currently expanded to four traffic lanes:

  • an urban expressway in Karlovac, between the A1 motorway Karlovac interchange[2] and Mostanje
  • an expressway in and near Split, between the A1 motorway Dugopolje interchange[2] and Bilice roundabout in Split itself[3]

The northern part of the D1 in Karlovac is actually a slightly lower road category because there are several intersections with traffic lights which slow the traffic down.

Parts of the road in Lika have climbing lanes.

The road, as well as all other state roads in Croatia, is managed and maintained by Hrvatske ceste, a state-owned company.[4]

Traffic volumeEdit

Traffic is regularly counted and reported by Hrvatske ceste, operator of the road.[5] The D1 AADT and ASDT (average summer daily traffic) figure variations observed south of Karlovac are attributed to tourist traffic to various regions of Adriatic Sea coast in Dalmatia region of Croatia.

D1 traffic volume
Road Counting site AADT ASDT Notes
  D1 1101 Macelj 1,623 1,879 Between the Ž2258 and D207 junctions.
Average daily traffic figure is provided instead of AADT.
  D1 1104 Đurmanec 3,640 4,056 Between the D207 and D206 junctions.
  D1 1122 Čveki 4,094 4,168 Between the D35 and Ž2158 junctions.
  D1 1927 Veliko Trgovišće 6,406 4,571 Between the D307 and Ž2217 junctions. Average daily traffic figure is provided instead of AADT.
  D1 1935 Gornji Stupnik 6,198 7,138 Adjacent to the Ž3061 junction.
  D1 1929 Klinča Sela 9,867 11,527 Adjacent to the Ž3106 junction.
  D1 1928 Izimje 6,567 8,228 Adjacent to the Ž3102 junction.
  D1 3114 Karlovac 21,470 25,076 Between the D228 and D3 junctions.
The AADT figure estimated by Hrvatske ceste.
  D1 3101 Tušilović 8,350 12,076 Adjacent to the Ž3188 junction.
  D1 3105 Blagaj 4,894 8,975 Adjacent to the L34120 junction.
  D1 3106 Slunj 5,448 9,605 Adjacent to the Ž3258 junction.
  D1 4307 Vaganac 1,896 2,963 Adjacent to the L59024 junction.
  D1 4308 Prijeboj - Northeast 1,449 2,349 Adjacent to the Ž5201 junction.
  D1 4302 Prijeboj 4,996 9,795 Adjacent to the Ž5201 junction.
  D1 4309 Korenica 4,964 9,783 Adjancent to the D52 junction.
  D1 4304 Jošan 3,461 7,820 Adjacent to the Ž5195 junction.
  D1 4901 Mutilić (Udbina) 1,646 3,083 Adjacent to the L59101 junction.
The AADT figure estimated by Hrvatske ceste.
  D1 4907 Gračac 1,800 2,647 Adjacent to the D27junction.
  D1 5002 Pađene 1,629 2,561 Adjacent to the D59 junction.
  D1 5418 Kijevo 1,434 1,920 Between the Ž6058 and Ž6083 junctions.
  D1 5524 Sinj 6,437 7,094 Between the Ž6118 and D219 junctions.
  D1 5504 Brnaze 8,810 10,341 Adjacent to the D60 junction.
  D1 5523 Dugopolje 22,994 29,325 Between A1 and D56 junctions.

Road junctions and populated areasEdit

D1 major junctions/populated areas
Type Slip roads/Notes
  Macelj border crossing to Slovenia[6]
  Slovenian G9 road to Ptuj and Maribor.
The northern terminus of the road.
    A2 Trakošćan interchange.
Ž2258 to Trakošćan and Bednja (D74).
  Donji Macelj
    A2 Đurmanec interchange (reached via a short connecting road).
  D207 to Lupinjak and Hum na Sutli (D206).
  D206 to Pregrada and Hum na Sutli.
    A2 Krapina interchange (reached via a short connecting road).
  Velika Ves
  Galovec Začretski
  D35 to Lepoglava and Varaždin (D2).
Ž2160 to Sveti Križ Začretje, Štrucljevo and Zabok.
    A2 Sveti Križ Začretje interchange.
  Ciglenica Zagorska
Ž2158 to Sveti Križ Začretje and Donja Pačetina.
Ž2162 to Brestovec Orehovički.
Ž2166 to Bedekovčina (D24).
  Hum Zabočki
  D24 to Zlatar Bistrica, Novi Marof, Varaždinske Toplice and Ludbreg (D2).
Ž2195 to Pavlovec Zabočki, Gubaševo, Veliko Trgovišće, Luka and Pojatno.
    D205 to Gubaševo, Klanjec and Kumrovec.
    D307 to A2 motorway Zabok interchange, Oroslavje, Donja Stubica and Marija Bistrica (D29).
  Veliko Trgovišće interchange
Ž2217 to Veliko Trgovišće (to the west) and to Stubička Slatina and Stubičke Toplice (to the east).
  Luka interchange
Ž3008 to Luka (to the west) and to Jakovlje and Kraljev Vrh (to the east).
  Ž3009 to Kupljenovo (to the west) and to Jakovlje (to the east).
  Pojatno interchange
Ž3036 to Pojatno (to the west) and to Donja Bistra (to the east).
    A2 Zaprešić interchange to Krapina (to the north) and to A3 motorway Jankomir interchange (to the south).
  D225 to Zagreb via Bologna Alley and to Zaprešić (to the south).
To the south, the D1 road and the A2 motorway are concurrent. Northbound D1 traffic leaves the A2 motorway at the interchange.
  Jankomir interchange
  A2 to Krapina to the north. Northbound D1 traffic follows the A2 to the north.
  A3 to Samobor and Bregana border crossing to Slovenia to the west.[6] Southbound D1 traffic follows the A3 to the east.
To Zagreb via Ljubljanska Avenue.
The D1 road is concurrent with the A2 motorway to the north and with the A3 motorway to the east.
  Lučko interchange
  A1 to Karlovac, Rijeka, Zadar and Split to the south.
  A3 to eastern parts of Zagreb, Velika Gorica, Bjelovar, Varaždin and Slavonski Brod to the east.
  D3 to Karlovac - The D1 and the D3 are concurrent south of this junction.
To Zagreb via Jadranska Avenue.
The D1 road is concurrent with the A3 motorway to the west. Southbound D1 traffic leaves the interchange in direction of Lučko.
To the south, the D1 road and the D3 are concurrent.
  Gornji Stupnik
Ž3067 to Donji Stupnik.
  Ž3061 to Kalinovica, Brezje Samoborsko and Sveta Nedjelja.
  Rakov Potok
  Klinča Sela
Ž3106 to Kupinec and Pisarovina (D36).
  Ž3105 to Stankovo.
  D310 to A1 motorway Jastrebarsko interchange.
Ž3055 to Donja Reka.
Ž3102 to Draga Svetojanska and Hrastje Plešivičko.
  Novaki Petrovinski
Ž3102 to Draga Svetojanska and Hrastje Plešivičko.
Ž3103 to Domagović.
  Ž3101 to Guci Draganički and Brezarić.
Ž3150 to Lazina.
Ž3150 to Mahično.
    D228 to Ozalj, Kamanje and Jurovski Brod (D6).
    A1 Karlovac interchange to Zagreb (to the north) and to Rijeka, Zadar and Split (to the south). The interchange is accessed via a short connector.
  The northern terminus of dual carriageway expressway through Karlovac.
  D3 to Duga Resa, Delnice and Rijeka (to the south). The D1 and D3 roads are concurrent to the north of Karlovac.
  D6 to Netretić and Jurovski Brod. the D1 and D6 roads are concurrent south and east of Karlovac.
  D36 to Pokupsko, Sisak and A3 motorway Popovača interchange.
  The southern terminus of dual carriageway expressway through Karlovac.
Ž3186 to Skakavac, Gvozd and Perna.
  Cerovac Vukmanićki
  Brezova Glava
  D6 to Vojnić, Glina and Dvor (to the east). The D1 and D6 roads to the north are concurrent.
Ž3189 to Barilović.
Ž3290 to Kolarić (D216).
  Donje Taborište
Ž3256 to Gornje Primišlje, Kamenica Skradnička and D23.
Ž3257 to Taborište and Obrovci.
Ž3258 to Batnoga, Cetingrad and Pašin Potok.
Ž3266 to Donji Furjan, Bogovolja and Cetingrad.
  Slunj Bridge - 141.6 m (465 ft) long, spanning Korana River.[7]
  Oštarski Stanovi
Ž3269 to Grabovac Drežnički.
  D42 to Josipdol, Ogulin and Vrbovsko (D3).
  Drežnik Grad
  Ličko Petrovo Selo
  D217 to Ličko Petrovo Selo border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina.[6]
Ž5201 to Plitvice Lakes National Park and Selište Drežničko (D42).
    D52 to Otočac (D50).
  D25 to Lički Osik and Gospić and Karlobag(D8).
  Gradina Korenička
Ž5169 to Donji Lapac (D218).
  Ž5164 to and Podlapača.
  Ž5195 to Udbina. The road forms another intersection with the D1 road south of Udbina.
  The norther terminus of two-lane expressway (Udbina bypass).
  Udbina interchange
  D522 to A1 motorway Gornja Ploča interchange.
  The southern terminus of two-lane expressway (Udbina bypass).
  Ž5195 to Udbina.
  D218 to Mazin, Dobroselo and Užljebić border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina.[6]
  D27 to Obrovac and Benkovac.
  Ž5203 to Srb and Dobroselo (D218).
Ž6033 to Pribudić.
  Ž6025 to Kom, Ervenik, Kaštel Žegarski and Obrovac (D27).
    D59 to Kistanje and Pirovac.
  Ž6034 to Radljevac and Plavno.
  D33 to Drniš and Šibenik (D8) (to the south). The D1 and D33 roads are concurrent to the south of the D1 route.
    D33 to Strmica border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina (to the north).[6] The D1 and D33 roads are concurrent to the north of the D1 route.
  Ž6080 to Kninsko Polje.
Ž6057 to waterfall Krčić (river Krka).
  Ž6058 to Biskupija, Orlić, Riđane and Zvjerinac.
Ž6083 to Cetina.
Ž6082 to Siverić (to the west) and to Bajagić, Otok and D220 (to the east).
  Ž6101 to Otišić.
  Ž6102 to Potravlje.
  Ž6103 to Satrić.
Ž6105 to Rumin.
Ž6117 to Lučane.
Ž6118 to Čitluk and Jasensko.
  D219 to Muć (D56) (to the south) and Bili Brig border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina (to the north).[6]
  D60 to Trilj and Imotski.
  Ž6116 to Sičane and Neorić.
  Ž6120 to Kraj.
  Ž6121 to Prisoje.
  The northern terminus of the urban expressway through Split.[3]
  Podi interchange
  A1 Dugopolje interchange to Zagreb and Zadar (to the north) and to Ploče interchange (to the south).
The interchange is accessed via a short connector.
Ž6145 to Dugopolje.
  Klis Grlo interchange
  D56 to Muć, Klis and Drniš.

Bilice interchange
  D8 to Split and also further on to Trogir (to the west) and Stobreč to the east. The D8 state road forms numerous intersections in the city of Split itself.
The D8 within the city of Split is also executed as an urban expressway.
The southern terminus of the urban expressway through Split[3] and the southern terminus of the road.


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