Cycling at the 1960 Summer Olympics – Men's individual road race

The men's individual road race at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy, was held on 30 August 1960. There were 142 participants from 42 nations. Each nation could enter up to four cyclists. Of the 142 starters 76 rode the distance to the end.[1] The event was won by Viktor Kapitonov of the Soviet Union, the nation's first medal in the event. Livio Trapè of Italy took silver, putting that country on the podium for the second consecutive Games. Willy Vanden Berghen's bronze gave Belgium its fourth medal in four Games (one in 1948, two in 1952, none in 1956).

Men's cycling road race
at the Games of the XVII Olympiad
Viktor Kapitonov 1960.jpg
Viktor Kapitonov
VenueGrottarossa Circuit, Rome
175.38 km (109.0 mi)
Date30 August 1960
Competitors142 from 42 nations
Winning time4:20:37
1st place, gold medalist(s) Viktor Kapitonov
 Soviet Union
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Livio Trapè
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Willy Vanden Berghen
← 1956
1964 →


This was the sixth appearance of the event, previously held in 1896 and then at every Summer Olympics since 1936. It replaced the individual time trial event that had been held from 1912 to 1932 (and which would be reintroduced alongside the road race in 1996). The favorites were the German riders Gustav-Adolf Schur (1958 and 1959 world champion) and Bernhard Eckstein (1960 world champion).[2]

For the first time since the reintroduction of the event in 1936, there was no corresponding team event (it had been replaced by a separate team time trial). The Danish riders entered in the individual event withdrew after the death of Knud Enemark Jensen in the team time trial.

The British West Indies, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia each made their debut in the men's individual road race; East and West Germany competed as the United Team of Germany. Great Britain made its sixth appearance in the event, the only nation to have competed in each appearance to date.

Competition format and courseEdit

The mass-start race was on a course that covered 12 laps of a 14.615 kilometres circuit known as the "Grottarossa Circuit," for a total of 175.38 kilometres. The course ran along the Via Flaminia, the Via Di Grottarossa, and the Via Cassia. Each lap included "a slightly steep climb, and a series of switchbacks, just after the 6 km. point, and then ascended gently for the next 2½ km."[2][3]


All times are Central European Time (UTC+1)

The day was hot, despite the morning start, with temperatures at 38 degrees Celsius.

Date Time Round
Tuesday, 30 August 1960 9:00 Final


The first break was by van Kreuningen in lap 2. He led by himself until lap 5 when his teammate Hugens joined him. In lap 7, however, the pair was caught by a pack of seven cyclists. Additional cyclists moved up into the lead group in laps 7 and 8. The next significant breakaway from that bunch was by Trapè and Kapitonov in lap 10. Kapitonov broke into a sprint to finish lap 11, apparently confused as to how many laps had been completed. Trapè caught up to him, with a large (39 cyclists) chase pack bearing down on the pair in the actual final lap, lap 12. Kapitonov successfully repeated his sprint to beat Trapè, and the chase pack ultimately did not come within 20 seconds of the pair.[2]

The Official Report lists only the finishers, requiring historians to put together a list of non-finishers from other sources. Further, the finish-line judge left to have lunch and the placement of the finishers is suspect based on photographs and personal reports from the cyclists.[2]

Rank Cyclist Nation Time
  Viktor Kapitonov   Soviet Union 4:20:37
  Livio Trapè   Italy 4:20:37
  Willy Vanden Berghen   Belgium 4:20:57
4 Yury Melikhov   Soviet Union 4:20:57
5 Ion Cosma   Romania 4:20:57
6 Stanisław Gazda   Poland 4:20:57
7 Benoni Beheyt   Belgium 4:20:57
8 Janez Žirovnik   Yugoslavia 4:20:57
9 Jacques Gestraut   France 4:20:57
10 Antonio Bailetti   Italy 4:20:57
11 Bogusław Fornalczyk   Poland 4:20:57
12 Erwin Jaisli   Switzerland 4:20:57
13 Roland Lacombe   France 4:20:57
14 Roby Hentges   Luxembourg 4:20:57
15 François Hamon   France 4:20:57
16 José Antonio Momeñe   Spain 4:20:57
17 Paul Nyman   Finland 4:20:57
18 Jim Hinds   Great Britain 4:20:57
19 Giuseppe Tonucci   Italy 4:20:57
20 Egon Adler   United Team of Germany 4:20:57
21 Erich Hagen   United Team of Germany 4:20:57
22 Bernhard Eckstein   United Team of Germany 4:20:57
23 Gustav-Adolf Schur   United Team of Germany 4:20:57
24 Michael Hiltner   United States 4:20:57
25 René Andring   Luxembourg 4:20:57
26 Gunnar Göransson   Sweden 4:20:57
27 Rubén Darío Gómez   Colombia 4:20:57
28 Hernán Medina   Colombia 4:20:57
29 Arsenio Chirinos   Venezuela 4:20:57
30 Ivan Levačić   Yugoslavia 4:20:57
31 Nevenko Valčić   Yugoslavia 4:20:57
32 Emil Beeler   Switzerland 4:20:57
33 Yevgeny Klevtsov   Soviet Union 4:20:57
34 Gainan Saidkhuzhin   Soviet Union 4:20:57
35 Arnold Ruiner   Austria 4:20:57
36 Bill Bradley   Great Britain 4:20:57
37 William Holmes   Great Britain 4:20:57
38 Jan Hugens   Netherlands 4:20:57
39 Henry Ohayon   Israel 4:20:57
40 Salvatore Palmucci   San Marino 4:20:57
41 Paul Camilleri   Malta 4:20:57
42 Kurt Postl   Austria 4:21:58
43 Frank Brazier   Australia 4:21:58
44 Ricardo Senn   Argentina 4:21:58
45 Mohamed Ben Mohamed   Morocco 4:21:58
46 Mohamed Ghandora   Morocco 4:21:58
47 Osvald Johansson   Sweden 4:21:58
48 Ramón Hoyos   Colombia 4:21:58
49 Robert Lelangue   Belgium 4:22:02
50 Raymond Reaux   France 4:23:57
51 Roger Thull   Luxembourg 4:25:34
52 Stoyan Georgiev Demirev   Bulgaria 4:25:44
53 Ken Laidlaw   Great Britain 4:25:44
54 Jan Chtiej   Poland 4:25:44
55 Raimo Honkanen   Finland 4:25:44
56 Ignacio Astigarraga   Spain 4:25:44
57 Abdallah Lahoucine   Morocco 4:25:44
58 Jan Janssen   Netherlands 4:26:05
59 Unto Hautalahti   Finland 4:26:05
60 Matti Herronen   Finland 4:26:05
61 Luis Zárate   Mexico 4:26:05
62 Emilio Vidal   Venezuela 4:26:05
63 José Ferreira   Venezuela 4:28:24
64 Lars Zebroski   United States 4:28:40
65 Max Wechsler   Switzerland 4:28:40
66 Wes Chowen   United States 4:31:12
67 Alan Grindal   Australia 4:31:12
68 Jacinto Brito   Mexico 4:31:12
69 Alojz Bajc   Yugoslavia 4:31:12
70 Fritz Inthaler   Austria 4:31:23
71 Per Digerud   Norway 4:31:23
72 Hubert Bächli   Switzerland 4:31:37
73 Owe Adamson   Sweden 4:31:37
74 Mohamed Touati   Tunisia 4:35:56
75 Rob Tetzlaff   United States 4:35:56
76 Gheorghe Calcişcă   Romania 4:40:29
Garry Jones   Australia DNF
Robert Whetters   Australia DNF
Kurt Schweiger   Austria DNF
Joseph Geurts   Belgium DNF
Dimitar Kotev   Bulgaria DNF
Boyan Kotsev   Bulgaria DNF
Ognyan Toshev   Bulgaria DNF
Luigi Bartesaghi   Canada DNF
Alessandro Messina   Canada DNF
Pablo Hurtado   Colombia DNF
Juan Sánchez   Spain DNF
Ventura Díaz   Spain DNF
Kouflu Alazar   Ethiopia DNF
Guremu Demboba   Ethiopia DNF
Amousse Tessema   Ethiopia DNF
Megra Admassou   Ethiopia DNF
Ferenc Stámusz   Hungary DNF
János Dévai   Hungary DNF
Ferenc Horváth   Hungary DNF
Győző Török   Hungary DNF
Hendrik Brocks   Indonesia DNF
Rusli Hamsjin   Indonesia DNF
Theo Polhaupessy   Indonesia DNF
Sanusi   Indonesia DNF
Peter Crinnion   Ireland DNF
Sonny Cullen   Ireland DNF
Séamus Herron   Ireland DNF
Mahmood Munim   Iraq DNF
Hamid Oraibi   Iraq DNF
Itzhak Ben David   Israel DNF
Vendramino Bariviera   Italy DNF
Masashi Omiya   Japan DNF
Jo Jae-hyeon   South Korea DNF
Lee Seung-hun   South Korea DNF
Pak Jong-hyeon   South Korea DNF
No Do-cheon   South Korea DNF
Adolf Heeb   Liechtenstein DNF
Louis Grisius   Luxembourg DNF
Ahmed Omar   Morocco DNF
Mauricio Mata   Mexico DNF
Filiberto Mercado   Mexico DNF
John Bugeja   Malta DNF
Joseph Polidano   Malta DNF
René Lotz   Netherlands DNF
Lex van Kreuningen   Netherlands DNF
Wiesław Podobas   Poland DNF
Ramiro Martins   Portugal DNF
José Pacheco   Portugal DNF
Mário Silva   Portugal DNF
Francisco Valada   Portugal DNF
Gabriel Moiceanu   Romania DNF
Aurel Şelaru   Romania DNF
Domenico Cecchetti   San Marino DNF
Sante Ciacci   San Marino DNF
Vito Corbelli   San Marino DNF
Maurice Coomarawel   Sri Lanka DNF
Gösta Pettersson   Sweden DNF
Ali Ben Ali   Tunisia DNF
Mohamed El-Kemissi   Tunisia DNF
Bechir Mardassi   Tunisia DNF
Rubén Etchebarne   Uruguay DNF
Rodolfo Rodino   Uruguay DNF
Juan José Timón   Uruguay DNF
Alberto Velázquez   Uruguay DNF
Francisco Mujica   Venezuela DNF
Clyde Rimple   British West Indies DNF


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