Cycling at the 1956 Summer Olympics – Men's individual road race

These are the official results of the Men's Individual Road Race at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, held on Friday 7 December 1956. There were 88 participants from 28 nations. Of the 88 starters 44 rode the distance to the end.[1]Len Williams from Coffs Harbour was nominated for the Australian team but declined due to work commitments. French and British officials protested against Baldini's victory, claiming that he was protected from the hot sun by the Olympic film unit van that drove alongside him, but the protest was upheld.[2] The start of the race was delayed fifteen minutes when it was discovered that two 'unauthorised' Irish cyclists, Tom Gerrard and Paul Fitzgerald were in the starting field.[2]

Men's cycling road race
at the Games of the XVI Olympiad
VenueBroadmeadows, Victoria, Melbourne
187.73 km (116.7 mi)
Date7 December 1956
Competitors88 from 28 nations
Winning time5:21:17
1st, gold medalist(s) Ercole Baldini  Italy
2nd, silver medalist(s) Arnaud Geyre  France
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Alan Jackson  Great Britain
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Final classificationEdit

Rank Name Nationality Time
  Ercole Baldini   Italy 5:21:17
  Arnaud Geyre   France 5:23:16
  Alan Jackson   Great Britain 5:23:16
4 Horst Tüller   United Team of Germany 5:23:16
5 Gustav-Adolf Schur   United Team of Germany 5:23:16
6 Arthur Brittain   Great Britain 5:23:40
7 Arnaldo Pambianco   Italy 5:23:40
8 Maurice Moucheraud   France 5:23:40
9 Magdaleno Cano   Mexico 5:23:40
10 Lars Nordwall   Sweden 5:23:40
11 Paul Nyman   Finland 5:23:40
12 Michel Vermeulin   France 5:23:40
13 Ramón Hoyos   Colombia 5:23:40
14 William Holmes   Great Britain 5:23:50
15 Anatoly Cherepovich   Soviet Union 5:23:50
16 Mykola Kolumbet   Soviet Union 5:23:50
17 Karl-Ivar Andersson   Sweden 5:23:50
18 Reinhold Pommer   United Team of Germany 5:24:38
19 Harold Reynolds   Great Britain 5:24:44
20 Roland Ströhm   Sweden 5:24:44
21 Juan Pérez   Chile 5:25:38
22 Erich Hagen   United Team of Germany 5:26:38
23 Norbert Verougstraete   Belgium 5:26:47
24 Gustaaf De Smet   Belgium 5:26:47
25 Guremu Demboba   Ethiopia 5:26:58
26 Veselin Petrović   Yugoslavia 5:26:58
27 René Abadie   France 5:27:28
28 Dino Bruni   Italy 5:27:28
29 Patrick Murphy   Canada 5:27:28
30 Franz Wimmer   Austria 5:27:28
31 Gunnar Göransson   Sweden 5:30:45
32 Viktor Kapitonov   Soviet Union 5:30:45
33 René Deceja   Uruguay 5:31:58
34 Aurelio Cestari   Italy 5:34:20
35 Viktor Vershinin   Soviet Union 5:34:21
36 Mesfen Tesfaye   Ethiopia 5:34:25
37 Kim Ho-soon   South Korea 5:34:37
38 Zehaye Bahta   Ethiopia 5:34:37
39 Pablo Hurtado   Colombia 5:34:49
40 Jaime Villegas   Colombia 5:34:49
41 John O'Sullivan   Australia 5:36:58
42 François Van Den Bosch   Belgium 5:38:16
43 Joe Becker   United States 5:38:16
44 Jim Nevin   Australia 5:47:02
AC Jim Nestor   Australia DNF
Jack Trickey   Australia DNF
Walter Bortel   Austria DNF
Kurt Schein   Austria DNF
Rudolf Maresch   Austria DNF
François De Wagheneire   Belgium DNF
Fred Markus   Canada DNF
James Davies   Canada DNF
Jorge Luque   Colombia DNF
František Jursa   Czechoslovakia DNF
Jaroslav Cihlář   Czechoslovakia DNF
Jiří Nouza   Czechoslovakia DNF
Jiří Opavský   Czechoslovakia DNF
Palle Lykke   Denmark DNF
Negousse Mengistou   Ethiopia DNF
Tetsuo Osawa   Japan DNF
Im Sang-jo   South Korea DNF
Gaston Dumont   Luxembourg DNF
Francisco Lozano   Mexico DNF
Felipe Liñán   Mexico DNF
Rafael Vaca   Mexico DNF
Muhammad Naqi Mallick   Pakistan DNF
Din Meraj   Pakistan DNF
Saleem Farooqi   Pakistan DNF
Shazada Muhammad Shah-Rukh   Pakistan DNF
Alfred Swift   South Africa DNF
Robert Fowler   South Africa DNF
Jan Hettema   South Africa DNF
Charles Jonker   South Africa DNF
Hylton Mitchell   Trinidad and Tobago DNF
David Rhoads   United States DNF
Erhard Neumann   United States DNF
George Van Meter   United States DNF
Alberto Velázquez   Uruguay DNF
Eduardo Puertollano   Uruguay DNF
Walter Moyano   Uruguay DNF
Arsenio Chirinos   Venezuela DNF
Antonio Montilla   Venezuela DNF
Domingo Rivas   Venezuela DNF
Franco Cacioni   Venezuela DNF
Trần Gia Thu   Vietnam DNF
Nguyễn Hw Thoa   Vietnam DNF
Ngô Thành Liêm   Vietnam DNF
Trung Trung Lê   Vietnam DNF


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