Cundī Dhāraṇī

Cundā Dhāraṇī is a popular Buddhist mantra in China associated with Cundā according to the Cundā Dhāraṇī Sūtra:

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Coin is Inscription Dharani of GoddessChundabodhisattva.

南無 颯哆喃 三藐三菩陀 俱胝喃 怛姪他
唵 折隸 主隸 准提 娑婆訶

namaḥ saptānāṃ samyaksaṃbuddha koṭīnāṃ tadyathā
oṃ cale cule cunde svāhā

Before reading the mantra, Buddhists reads these three times:


Prostrating to take refuge in the Susiddhi
With heads and faces bowed to the seven crores
We now are praising the great Cunde
Only Wishing what we receive his merciful protection

Nan Huaijin suggested adding Om Bhrūm (Ong Bu Lin) to the ending of the mantra.[1]

In the sūtra, the Buddha speaks extensively about the various effects and benefits of reciting the Cundā Dhāraṇī. Many of the effects are purifying and uplifting in nature. For example, after pronouncing the dhāraṇī, the Buddha then says:[2]

If there are bhikṣus, bhikṣuṇīs, upāsakas, or upāsikās who memorize and recite this dhāraṇī 800,000 times, their deadly karma in every place, created over innumerable eons, will be completely annihilated. In every place where they are born or reside, they will always meet buddhas and bodhisattvas. They will always have adequate resources and abilities to do as they wish. In any birth, they will always be able to leave the home life, and will have the ability to maintain the pure precepts of a bodhisattva. They will be born in human or heavenly realms, they will not fall into evil destinies, and they will always be protected by all the heavenly guardians.

The dhāraṇī is also closely associated with buddhahood and complete enlightenment (Skt. Anuttarā Samyaksaṃbodhi). At the end of the sūtra, the Buddha closes the teaching by saying:[3]

This great dhāraṇī of Cundā is a great brilliant mantra teaching that is spoken by all buddhas of the past, all buddhas of the future, and all buddhas of the present time. I also now speak it thusly to benefit all sentient beings, causing them to attain Anuttarā Samyaksaṃbodhi. If there are sentient beings with little merit, who lack the roots of goodness, natural ability, and the Factors of Bodhi, if they obtain hearing of this dhāraṇī method, they will quickly realize the attainment of Anuttarā Samyaksaṃbodhi. If there are people who are always able to remember, recite, and maintain this dhāraṇī, they will all obtain immeasurable roots of goodness.

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