Cristoforo della Rovere

Cristoforo della Rovere (13 June 1434 – 1 February 1478) (called the Cardinal of Tarentaise) was an Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.

Tomb of Cristoforo and his brother Domenico in Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome


A member of the House of della Rovere, Cristoforo della Rovere was born in Turin on June 13, 1434, the son of Giovanni della Rovere and Anna del Pozo.[1] His younger brother, Domenico della Rovere, also became a cardinal.[1]

He was educated at the University of Bologna, receiving a doctorate in law.[1] He then became a juristconsult and a protonotary apostolic.[1]

On August 3, 1472, he was elected Archbishop of Tarentaise.[1] Pope Sixtus IV confirmed his appointment on September 15, 1472, and he subsequently occupied the see until his death.[1] The Pope later made him Governor of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome.[1]

In the consistory of December 10, 1477, Pope Sixtus IV made him a cardinal priest.[1] On December 12, 1477, he received the titular church of San Vitale and the Pope dispatched one of the conservators of Rome to the Castel Sant'Angelo to give him the red hat.[1]

He was already ill when he became a cardinal and died shortly thereafter in Rome on February 1, 1478.[1] He is buried in Santa Maria del Popolo.[1]