Civil Aeronautics Administration (Taiwan)

The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA; Chinese: 民用航空局; pinyin: Mínyòng Hángkōng Jú; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Bîn-iōng Hâng-khong-kio̍k) is a government agency of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of the Republic of China on Taiwan, responsible for the regulation of all civil aviation activities. CAA operates the passenger terminals in 18 airports, of which 9 airports are owned by CAA, with the rest owned by the Republic of China Air Force.

Republic of China Civil Aeronautics Administration
Mínyòng Hángkōng Jú (Mandarin)
Bîn-iōng Hâng-khong-kio̍k (Taiwanese)
Mìn-yung Hòng-khung-khiu̍k (Hakka)
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Civil Aeronautics Administration Build Front View 20090802.JPG
Agency overview
Formed20 January 1947
JurisdictionRepublic of China
HeadquartersSongshan, Taipei
Agency executives
Parent agencyMinistry of Transportation and Communication

Organizational structureEdit

  • Logistic Division
  • Aerodrome Engineering Division
  • Air Navigation Facilities Division
  • Air Traffic Services Division
  • Flight Standards Division
  • Air Traffic Division
  • Planning, Legal and International Affair Division
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office
  • Personnel Office
  • Secretariat
  • Information Management Office

Airports operated by CAAEdit



Other SubsidiariesEdit

  • Air Navigation and Weather Services
  • Aviation Training Institute


  • 16 July 2012 - 16 January 2015: Jean Shen (沈啓)
  • 16 January 2015 – present: Lin Chih-ming (林志明)


The CAA building is located on the grounds of Songshan Airport, accessible within walking distance south of Songshan Airport MRT station of the Taipei Metro.

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