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Circular light rail

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The Circular light rail (Chinese: 環狀輕軌) is a light rail line in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, operated by Kaohsiung Rapid Transit.[5] The south part of this line makes use of the defunct tracks of the Kaohsiung Harbour Line.

Circular light rail
C3 Star of Cianjhen Station.JPG
CAF Urbos trams parked at Cianjhen Star
Native name
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese環狀輕軌
TypeLight rail
SystemKaohsiung Rapid Transit
LocaleKaohsiung, Taiwan
Daily ridership9499[1]
Ridership3,364,578 (2018)
OwnerKaohsiung City Government
Operator(s)Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation
CharacterGround level, elevated
Depot(s)Cianjhen Depot
Rolling stockCAF Urbos[3]
Line length22.1 km (13.7 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
ElectrificationElectric capacitor
Operating speed70 km/h (43 mph) maximum[4]

Kaisyuan Rueitian
Cianjhen Star
(Left arrow  R  Right arrow)
Kaisyuan Jhonghua
Dream Mall
Commerce & Trade Park
Software Technology Park
Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
Cruise Terminal
Glory Pier
Love River
Love Pier
Dayi Pier-2
Penglai Pier-2
(Left arrow  O )
Wufu 4th Rd
Dagong Rd
Singlong Rd
Jiouru 4th Rd
Museum of Fine Arts
Museum of Fine Arts West
Art Park
Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital
Longde Rd
Kaohsiung City Hall
(Left arrow  R  Right arrow)
Longhua Junior High School
Love River
Jiansing Rd
Dashun Jiouru
Universal Cinemas
(Left arrow  O  Right arrow)
Rainbow Park
Minsheng Hospital
Kuochi Vocational High School
Wuchang Rd
Ersheng Rd
C1 Station (March 9, 2015)
C3 station (August 27 2016)
C11 station (July 22 2017)
Future C4 station approximate location in July 2013.
Future C8 station approximate location in July 2013. Old railway, used as a bikepath.

Forecast to cost 16.5 billion New Taiwan dollars, it is expected be the world's first light rail vehicle system on a fully catenary-free route.[6][7]

Phase I construction consists of a section of line from Station C1 to Station C14, where Stations C3 and C14 are the transfer stations to Red line and Orange line, respectively. Construction of Phase I began on 4 June 2013.[8] Stations C1 to C14 were tested from August 2015 (rides on the trams are open to the public for free during testing[9]). The civil construction part of stations C1 to C14 had been completed, and Phase I achieved full operations on September 2017.[10][11][12] The CAF Urbos trams used in this line parked at or passed by these stations for demonstrations and tests in several events from November 2014 onwards.

Phase II construction will not start until the Kaohsiung urban railway is relocated underground in 2017. It is scheduled to be completed in 2019.[6]


Code Station Name Section Connection Location
English Chinese
— ↑ Loop line towards Depot ↑ —
C1 Lizihnei 籬仔內  Fongshan  Phase I Cianjhen Kaohsiung
C2 Kaisyuan Rueitian 凱旋瑞田
C3 Cianjhen Star 前鎮之星  R  via Kaisyuan (R6)
C4 Kaisyuan Jhonghua 凱旋中華
C5 Dream Mall 夢時代
C6 Commerce and Trade Park 經貿園區
C7 Software Technology Park 軟體園區
C8 Kaohsiung Exhibition Center 高雄展覽館
C9 Cruise Terminal 旅運中心 Lingya
C10 Glory Pier 光榮碼頭
C11 Love Pier 真愛碼頭 Yancheng
C12 Dayi Pier-2 駁二大義
C13 Penglai Pier-2 駁二蓬萊 Gushan
C14 Hamasen 哈瑪星  O  via Sizihwan (O1)
C15 Wufu 4th Rd. 五福四路 Phase II
C16 Dagong Rd. 大公路
C17 Singlong Rd. 興隆路
C18 Gushan 鼓山   Gushan
C19 Jiouru 4th Rd. 九如四路
C20 Museum of Fine Arts Station 美術館   Museum of Fine Arts
C21A Museum of Fine Arts West 美術館西
C21 Art Park 美術園區
C22 Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital 聯合醫院
C23 Longde Rd. 龍德路
C24 Kaohsiung City Hall 新市政中心  R  via Aozihdi (R13)
C25 Longhua Junior High School 龍華國中 Zuoying
C26 Wanzihnei 灣仔內 Sanmin
C27 Dingshan 鼎山
C28 Wanzihnei 灣子內
C29 Jiansing Rd. 建興路
C30 Dashun Jiouru 大順九如   Science and Technology Museum
C31 Universal Cinemas 環球影城  O  via Wukuaicuo (O8) Lingya
C32 Rainbow Park 彩虹公園  O  via Wukuaicuo (O8)
C33 Minsheng Hospital 民生醫院
C34 Kuochi Vocational High School 國際商工
C35 Wuchang Rd. 武昌路 Cianjhen
C36 Ersheng Rd. 二聖路
C37 Depot 機廠
— ↓ Loop line towards Lizihnei ↓ —

Rolling stockEdit

The line's fleet consist of nine CAF Urbos trams that will operate catenary-free.[7] The tramcars is34 meters (112 ft) in length, and will be able to transport a total of 250 passengers (seated, and standing).[6]

15 Alstom Citadis X05 305 trains will be introduced in 2018.[citation needed] The first train will arrive in Taiwan in September 2018.[citation needed]


Unlike the Kaohsiung MRT Red Line and the Orange Line, the Kaohsiung Light Rail is charged at a lower rate. As of January 2019, the fare for each light rail is NT$30, There is special offer by using the digital wallet such as iPass , EasyCard , icash , etc. is NT$10. The card readers in the station and in the rolling stock. When paying the fare by the e-ticket (digital wallet), passengers are only charged one of them at each time. When paying by cash, passengers can purchase tickets at the ticket vending machines at each station for the ticket inspector to check.

Previous light rail demonstration projectEdit

The Siemens Combino vehicle was used for light rail demonstration at Central Park, Kaohsiung in 2004.

In 2004, the Kaohsiung City Government and Siemens built a temporary two-station circular light rail line in Central Park, operated by a single trainset, in order to demonstrate the feasibility of building a light rail system in Kaohsiung City.[citation needed] It was meant to alleviate some residents' concerns that light rail would negatively impact their surroundings by producing excessive noise and hindering normal traffic flow.[citation needed] This Siemens Combino vehicle would later become the D2 Class operated in Melbourne, Australia.

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