Church of the Assumption of Mary (Astrakhan)

The Church of the Assumption of Mary is a Catholic church in the city of Astrakhan. Administratively belongs to Astrakhan dean of the Diocese of St. Clement to the center of Saratov, headed by Bishop Clemens Pickel. It is located at Pobedy street, 3 (at the intersection with the Babushkina street). In the temple are the Franciscan priests, with rector Waldemar Mackiewicz. Organ concerts are held regularly.

Church of the Assumption of Mary
Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary
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Church of the Assumption of the Virgin
Church of the Assumption of Mary is located in Russia
Church of the Assumption of Mary
Church of the Assumption of Mary
46°20′45″N 48°3′4″E / 46.34583°N 48.05111°E / 46.34583; 48.05111
DenominationRoman Catholic
Founded1721 (1721)
DedicationMary (mother of Jesus)
EventsReconstructed by the Soviets for civil purposes, 199x
Functional statusActive
Architectural typeBasilica
StyleBaroque, Classicism
Years built1721
DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of Saint Clement at Saratov
Bishop(s)Clemens Pickel


The first Catholics in Astrakhan appeared in the pre-Petrine era. After the appearance in 1702 of the decree "On the call of foreigners in Russia, promising them freedom of religion", a large community of foreign Catholics formed in Astrakhan. At the beginning of the 18th century, the city began to act Capuchin monks.[clarification needed] The exact date of construction of the first Catholic church in the city can not be established, it is known about the construction of the stone church in 1721. Astrakhan church was the third Catholic church in Russia after the churches of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the church a school was opened, where Russian poet Vasiliy Trediakovskii studied.

In 1762 on the site of the former temple construction was begun on a new one, far surpassing the old size. Construction was carried out long enough, in 1778 the church was solemnly consecrated.

In Soviet times the church was closed until the 1990s, after which control was returned to the Catholic Church.


Astrakhan Catholic Church of the Assumption - the most interesting architectural monument of the 18th century with the unusual for Russian architecture, combining the features of baroque, classical and traditional Russian church architectural techniques. In terms of the temple is a basilica Italian type, but a central part of the temple is made in the form of a quadrangle characteristic of Russian Orthodox architecture. The facade of the temple is bounded by two towers, belfries. Decoration of the facade bears the features of the late baroque and classicism.

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