Charles William, Prince of Nassau-Usingen

Charles William (9 November 1735 – 17 May 1803) was Prince of Nassau-Usingen from 1775 until his death. From 1797 until his death, he was also titular Prince of Nassau-Saarbrücken, however, Nassau-Saarbrücken was occupied by France during that period.

Charles William, Prince of Nassau-Usingen
Carl Wilhelm von Usingen Nassau.jpg
Born(1735-11-09)9 November 1735
Died17 May 1803(1803-05-17) (aged 67)
Noble familyHouse of Nassau
Spouse(s)Countess Caroline Felizitas of Leiningen-Dagsburg
FatherCharles, Prince of Nassau-Usingen
MotherChristina Wilhelmina of Saxe-Eisenach

He was born in Usingen, the eldest son of Prince Charles of Nassau-Usingen and his wife, Christina Wilhelmina, the daughter of Duke John William III of Saxe-Eisenach.

In 1770, Charles William became Lieutenant-General in the Dutch army. In 1789, he was promoted to general and in 1790 to colonel of the Walloon regiment and captain of the grenadiers.

In 1775, he succeeded his father as Prince of Nassau-Usingen. In 1783, he concluded a treaty of inheritance with the princes of Nassau-Saarbrücken, Nassau-Weilburg and Nassau-Dietz (i.e., Orange-Nassau), in which it was agreed that the Nassau lands were indivisible and that mutual succession among the various branches based on primogeniture would be observed.

In 1797, Prince Henry Louis of Nassau-Saarbrücken died childless and Charles William inherited his principality. However, under the Treaty of Lunéville, the territories on the left bank of the Rhine were lost to France. The Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803 compensated Charles William with territories taken from the Electorate of Mainz, the Electorate of Cologne, Electorate of the Palatinate and Hesse.

Charles William died later that year. Since he had no male heir, he was succeeded by his younger brother Frederick Augustus.

Marriage and issueEdit

Charles William married Countess Caroline Felizitas of Leiningen-Dagsburg, the daughter of Christian Karl Reinhard of Leiningen-Dagsburg-Falkenburg-Heidesheim. Charles William and Carolina Felicitas had four children:



Charles William, Prince of Nassau-Usingen
Born: 9 November 1735 Died: 17 May 1803
Preceded by
Prince of Nassau-Usingen
Succeeded by
Frederick Augustus
Preceded by
Henry Louis
Prince of Nassau-Saarbrücken
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