Cauca State was one of the states of Colombia.

1863 Cauca State
1865 Sovereign State of Cauca

Today the area of the former state makes up most of modern-day west and southern Colombia, with some portion of its vast territories acquired by present-day Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Naming edit

  • 15 June 1857 created as Estado Federal del Cauca (Federal State of Cauca).
  • 1858 recognized as Estado de la Federación in the 1858 constitution of the Granadine Confederation,[1]
  • 1863 named Estado Soberano del Cauca (Sovereign State of Cauca) in the 1863 constitution of the United States of Colombia.[2]

Known as "Gran Cauca", because it was the largest[3] and richest[4] of the Union.

Subdivisions edit

In 15 June 1857 law, the state was divided into the following provinces[5]

In 1858, the setup was changed, Barbacoas and Túquerres were added to Pasto:[5]

In 1874, the provinces had been changed into municipalities and the number increased to 16:[5]

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