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Canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's C-2 500 metres

These are the results of the men's C-2 500 metres competition in canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics. The C-2 event is raced by two-man sprint canoes.



The 14 teams first raced in two heats on August 24. The top three finishers from each of the heats advanced directly to the final, and the remaining 8 teams moved on to the semifinal.

Heat Place Athlete Country Time Notes
1 1 Christian Gille and Tomasz Wylenzek   Germany 1:40.128 QF
1 2 Attila Buday and Tamas Buday Jr.   Canada 1:40.488 QF
1 3 Paweł Baraszkiewicz and Daniel Jędraszko   Poland 1:40.524 QF
1 4 György Kozmann and György Kolonics   Hungary 1:41.324 QS
1 5 Maksym Prokopenko and Ruslan Dzhalilov   Ukraine 1:44.532 QS
1 6 Peter Páleš and Daniel Biksadsky   Slovakia 1:45.860 QS
1 7 Jordan Malloch and Nathan Johnson   United States 1:48.172 QS
2 1 Meng Guanliang and Yang Wenjun   China 1:38.916 QF
2 2 Ibrahim Rojas and Ledis Balceiro   Cuba 1:39.860 QF
2 3 Alexander Kostoglod and Aleksandr Kovalyov   Russia 1:40.128 QF
2 4 Silviu Simioncencu and Florin Popescu   Romania 1:41.368 QS
2 5 Aliaksandr Kurliandchyk and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich   Belarus 1:41.576 QS
2 6 Alfredo Bea and David Mascató   Spain 1:43.708 QS
2 7 Yannick Lavigne and Jose Lenoir   France 1:49.940 QS


The top three finishers in the semifinal (raced on August 26) advanced to the final, joining the six teams who had moved directly from the heats. All other teams were eliminated.

1.   Silviu Simioncencu and Florin Popescu (ROU) 1:41.424 QF
2.   György Kozmann and György Kolonics (HUN) 1:41.472 QF
3.   Aliaksandr Kurliandchyk and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich (BLR) 1:42.484 QF
4.   Maksym Prokopenko and Ruslan Dzhalilov (UKR) 1:42.860
5.   Alfredo Bea and David Mascató (ESP) 1:43.160
6.   Peter Páleš and Daniel Biksadsky (SVK) 1:44.732
7.   Yannick Lavigne and Jose Lenoir (FRA) 1:45.548
8.   Jordan Malloch and Nathan Johnson (USA) 1:46.424


The final was held on August 28.

    Meng Guanliang and Yang Wenjun (CHN) 1:40.278
    Ibrahim Rojas and Ledis Balceiro (CUB) 1:40.350
    Alexander Kostoglod and Aleksandr Kovalyov (RUS) 1:40.442
4.   Silviu Simioncencu and Florin Popescu (ROU) 1:40.618
5.   Christian Gille and Tomasz Wylenzek (GER) 1:40.802
6.   Aliaksandr Kurliandchyk and Aliaksandr Bahdanovich (BLR) 1:40.858
7.   György Kozmann and György Kolonics (HUN) 1:41.138
8.   Attila Buday and Tamas Buday Jr. (CAN) 1:41.210
9.   Paweł Baraszkiewicz and Daniel Jędraszko (POL) 1:42.046

The Chinese duo had just won their first World Cup races weeks earlier and were only looking to gain experience for the next Summer Olympics in Beijing. The race was so close that race officials could not determine the winners until most of the canoers were out of their boats and the canoes were on the dock.