C.F. Estrela da Amadora

Clube de Futebol Estrela da Amadora (Portuguese pronunciation: [(ɨ)ʃˈtɾelɐ ðɐ ɐmɐˈðoɾɐ]), sometimes just Estrela, is a Portuguese sports club (prominently football) based in Amadora, northwest of Lisbon.

Estrela da Amadora
Símbolo Estrela da Amadora.svg
Full nameClube de Futebol
Estrela da Amadora
Nickname(s)Tricolores (The Tricolours)
Founded22 January 1932
GroundEstádio José Gomes
LeagueCampeonato de Portugal
2009–10Portuguese Second Division, 10th

Founded in 1932, its football team most recently played in the third division, holding home games at Estádio José Gomes.


Estrela was founded on the 22nd of January 1932 by a group of seven students from Amadora who shared a passion for football. According to Júlio da Conceição, while looking at the stars in the sky he came up with the idea to the name of the club, which was accepted by all of the founders. The club played their first match against Palmense, from Palma de Baixo, Estrela won by 2-1, curious was the fact that the Estrela players walked to the opponent's stadium, as a warm-up for the match. Registered only in 1941, in 37 years Estrela climbed through the lower leagues, until in 1978 when they were promoted to the 3rd National Division. In the 1988/89 season Estrela made it to the Primeira Liga for the first time in their history. Their highest point in history is the winning the 1989/90 Taça de Portugal, under the command of João Alves, defeating Farense in the final by 2-0, after drawing 1-1 in the first match. With the victory in the cup, they guaranteed their place in the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. In the 1st round Estrela Eliminated the Swiss club Neuchâtel Xamax, after drawing in Amadora 1-1 (the Estrela goal scored by Ricky), in the 2nd leg in Neuchâtel they drew 1-1 once again (the Estrela goal scored by Valério), it ended with Estrela winning 4-3 on penalties, a victory celebrated by the thousands of Portuguese emigrants in Switzerland in the stadium and who outnumbered the Swiss fans. In the 2nd round Estrela faced RFC Liége, In the first leg Estrela was defeated 2-0, in the second leg Estrela defeated the Belgian team 1-0 in the 2nd leg (Estrela's goal scored by Duilio), however that one goal wasn't enough and Estrela's European Cup adventure came to an end. The best result Estrela has achieved in the Primeira Liga was 7th place in the 1997/98 season. In the 2008/2009 season, although they managed to stay out of the relegation zone, staying in a comfortable 11th place (the clubs in the relegation zone were "Os Belenenses" and Trofense), they were relegated instead of Belenenses, due to financial reasons. This season was the beginning of the serious financial crisis at the tricolor club. Debts to suppliers, employees, players, tax authorities, social security, etc. At this time, the Professional Players Union was still supporting the club with 1 month's salary, which was not enough to save the. They were automatically relegated to the 3rd tier of Portuguese football, and they were barred from participating in any professional competitions (Primeira Liga and Segunda Liga). In the 2009/2010 season, Estrela da Amadora started with coach António Veloso (former Benfica star and National team, and father of player Miguel Veloso). The results were not as expected and shortly after 2 weeks, their manager was sacked, being replaced by Jorge Paixão, a coach who was used to coaching smaller clubs. In the 1st round of the Taça de Portugal that year, Estrela da Amadora eliminated Mafra, but was disqualified and Mafra was awarded the victory, as Estrela had not paid the players' registration fees to the Portuguese Football Federation. Estrela was going through their worst phase of its existence. They mainly relied on their youth players and players on loan (mainly from Sp. Braga and Belenenses). Starting in the 3rd week, the results of Jorge Paixão started coming in, reaching the top of the standings, winning, 4-1 against Atlético Clube de Portugal (one of the main candidates for promotion at the time). But unfortunately their serious financial situation continued. Overdue wages, workers' strikes, lack of medical treatment, maintenance, buses, etc. The players' strike threatened to terminate their contracts, starting a serious decline in the table. Estrela da Amadora finished the season in 10th place, with the majority of their points being won in the 1st half of the season. On September 29, 2009, the Court of Sintra declared the club insolvent. Debts exceeded 11.5 million euros. Former members, coaches and chairmen point out the appropriation of the club for personal gain and the poor management of the last decade as the great evil that the club suffered. Estrela played their last football match on May 2, 2010, in the second division, south zone. Estrela da Amadora lost 0-1 against Real Massamá. In 2010 the club folded due to financial problems. The club was unable to restart as a SAD in the 2nd district division or participate in the 2nd division. A new club, Clube Desportivo Estrela was founded in 2011 to keep their youth teams and other sports, and continue the history and legacy of Estrela da Amadora. In 2018, CF Estrela created a main football team. In 2020, CF Estrela merged with Sintra Football Club to form CF Estrela da Amadora, SAD with the same history as the old Estrela da Amadora.


The first ultras group for Estrela da Amadora's were "Os Linces", who appeared in the 1980's. In the early 90's, another group was founded, the "Ragazzi Tricolor" ,the biggest ultras group that existed in the club, during their best years they filled the entire southern top of the Stadium. In 1999 the "Super Stars" ultras was founded, which in 2002 merged with another group of Estrelistas, thus creating the "Brigade Tricolor", in an attempt to relive their best days, but a series of problems ended up dictating the end of the ultras in 2005. As a continuation "The Legion 1932" was created from the Tricolor Brigade, but even before the end of the Tricolor Brigade, "Magia Tricolor" was founded in 2005, the ultras who were one of the most stable fans in the world at that time. Even after Estrela self-suspended its activity after the club closed its doors, the "Magia Tricolor" still maintained meetings between its members.

Last squadEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
36   GK André Marques
3   DF Wallacy
5   DF Filipe Martins
77   FW Paulão
18   MF Pedro Carvalho
37   DF Fábio Mendes
64   DF Edilmar
23   DF Fernando Morales
No. Position Player
17   MF Edson Ferreira
32   DF Zé Carlos
1   GK Cadu
20   MF Marcelo
22   FW Francismar
99   MF Zádson
28   DF Oumar
12   MF Panda

League and Cup historyEdit

Season Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Portuguese Cup Notes
1988–89 1D 8 38 13 13 12 33 41 39
1989–90 1D 13 34 10 8 16 35 34 28 Winner
1990–91 1D 18 38 9 14 15 37 46 32
1991–92 2H 11 34 10 13 11 30 35 33
1992–93 2H 1 34 17 14 3 59 28 48 Promoted
1993–94 1D 9 34 9 15 10 39 36 33
1994–95 1D 15 34 6 14 14 27 40 26
1995–96 1D 11 34 7 4 3 35 50 35
1996–97 1D 9 34 12 11 11 39 38 47
1997–98 1D 7 34 14 8 12 42 41 50 Best classification ever
1998–99 1D 8 34 11 12 11 33 40 45
1999–00 1D 8 34 10 15 9 40 35 45
2000–01 1D 18 34 4 7 23 30 57 19 Relegated
2001–02 2H 4 34 16 9 9 44 38 57
2002–03 2H 3 34 15 12 7 42 32 57 Promoted
2003–04 1D 18 34 4 5 25 22 74 17 Relegated
2004–05 2H 3 34 17 9 8 47 30 60 Semi-final Promoted
2005–06 1D 9 34 12 9 13 31 33 45 6th round
2006–07 1D 10 30 9 8 13 23 36 35 4th round
2007–08 1D 13 30 6 13 11 29 41 31 Quarter-final
2008–09 1D 11 30 8 10 12 26 38 34 Semi-final Relegated


Season Competition Round Opponent Home Away Aggregate
1990–91 Cup Winners' Cup R1   Neuchâtel Xamax 1–1 1–1 (4–3 p) 2–2
R2   RFC Liège 1–0 0–2 1–2
1998–99 Intertoto Cup R3   Ruch Chorzów 1–1 1–1 (2–4 p) 2–2



Their kit was originally blue and green which was used until 1951. In 1951, Estrela played a friendly match against Fluminense, the Brazilian club was well received by the fans of Estrela that they decided to adopt the colors of Fluminense. Their colors are white with the shirt split with three colours (hence the nickname 'the tricolours'). Left side was red, the middle white and the right green, with the shorts and socks white. The club was longtime sponsored by national brands Tepa and Cofidis.

In 2005, Estrela decided to change the club's kit to traditional white, copying the badge and taking away the old red, green and white striped kit.