Bosphorus Gaz Corporation

Bosphorus Gaz Corporation is a gas importer and distributor in Turkey. It controls about 25% of Turkey's private natural gas market.[1]

Bosphorus Gaz Corporation

The company was established in 2003 in Istanbul. In 2004, Securing Energy for Europe a former subsidiary of the Russian gas company Gazprom, became shareholder in Bosphorus Gaz.[2] In 2009, Gazprom raised its share in the company from 40% to 51% and then to %71 in 2010.[2][3] In 2018, Gazprom sold all of its %71 shares in the company to the Şen Group who owned %29 of the shares, making Şen Group's shares add up to a %100.[4]

In 2005, Bosphorus Gaz won a tender to resell 750 million cubic meters of the gas purchased by the Turkish energy company BOTAŞ from Gazprom until 2021.[1]


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