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Bending Spoons S.p.A. is an Italian mobile application developer, founded in 2013 and based in Milan. The company is known primarily for iOS mobile apps, including Splice, 30 Day Fitness, Live Quiz, and Remini.[1] Bending Spoons is one of the world's leading mobile developers, by number of app downloads.[2]

Bending Spoons S.p.A.
TypePrivately held company
  • Luca Ferrari
  • Francesco Patarnello
  • Matteo Danieli
  • Luca Querella
  • Tomasz Greber
  • Thirty Day Fitness
  • Splice
  • Live Quiz
  • Remini

On 17 April 2020, the Italian government released a statement on its website announcing that Bending Spoons had been selected to design and develop Italy's official COVID-19 contact tracing app, Immuni.[3] Bending Spoons granted the government a perpetual and irrevocable license for Immuni, free of charge.[4] The app was released on 1 June 2020.[5] It was initially released in four regions, then countrywide.[6]


  • 2020: Top 10, Best Workplaces™ in Europe
  • 2019, 2020: Winner, Best Workplaces™ (50–149 employees) in Italy
  • 2022: 2nd place, Best Workplaces™ (150–499 employees) in Italy
  • 2019: Winner, Best Workplaces™ for Women in Italy
  • 2019, 2020, 2021: Winner, Best Workplaces™ for Millennials in Italy
  • 2019: 2nd place, Best Workplaces™ for Innovation in Italy


Immuni is Italy's official contact tracing app in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Bending Spoons designed and developed Immuni under the direction of the Special Commissioner for the COVID-19 Emergency, the Ministry of Health, and the Minister for Technological Innovation.[7] Bending Spoons granted the government a perpetual and irrevocable license for Immuni, free of charge.[4]

The Immuni project was announced in a press release on the Italian government website on 17 April 2020.[8] Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte discussed the Immuni project in a televised press conference on 30 April 2020.[9] Immuni was awarded the maximum five stars by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Technology Review Contact Tracing Tracker in May 2020.[10]

With Immuni, Italy was the first major European nation to launch a contact tracing app, and it received 2.2 million downloads in its first ten days since launching on the App Store and Google Play Store on 1 June 2020.[11]

The nameEdit

In a 2019 interview with Forbes Leader's Talk, Bending Spoons co-founder Luca Ferrari stated:

The meaning of the name came [ … ] from the movie The Matrix. We loved it immediately because it captured some big ideas we believed in—and still believe in. These are the power of the mind to do what seems impossible, like bending spoons with your thoughts, and the value of persevering to achieve those goals.[12]

Other notable activitiesEdit

Bending Spoons has published open source libraries on GitHub. As of June 2020, its modern Swift framework "Katana" has received over 2,000 stars.[13]

Bending Spoons runs annual bootcamps for promising students. These include First Ascent International,[14] First Ascent Italy,[15] and First Ascent Business[16]

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