Athletics at the 2005 Jeux de la Francophonie

At the 2005 Jeux de la Francophonie, the athletics events were held at the Stade Général Seyni Kountché in Niamey, Niger, from 11–16 December 2005. A total of 43 events were contested, of which 23 by male and 20 by female athletes. France sent the largest squad and topped the medal table with 19 gold medals and 39 medals in total. Morocco was the next most successful nation, having won 11 golds and 31 medals all together. This was largely as a result of their middle- and long-distance running dominance which saw them take all three medals in four events, as well as three separate Moroccan 1–2 finishes. Canada and the Ivory Coast were third and fourth in the medal tally. Twenty of the 37 nations competing won a medal, although hosts Niger went empty-handed in the athletics competition.

Athletics at the V Francophonie Games
Dates11–16 December
Host cityNiamey, Niger Niger
VenueStade Général Seyni Kountché
Participation362 athletes from
36 nations
Records set2 Games records

The performances were down in comparison to the 2001 edition in Ottawa, which had benefited from being held a few weeks before the 2001 World Championships in Athletics, also in Canada that year. Two Games records were broken over the course of the competition, but a number of African athletes broke their national record – home athletes improved six different Nigerien records.[1]

Among the prominent medallists were Moroccans Yassine Bensghir and Seltana Aït Hammou, who completed 800/1500 metres doubles on the men's and women's sides respectively. Their compatriot Zhor El Kamch won both the women's 5000 metres and 10,000 metres while Tarik Bougtaïb took a gold and a silver in the horizontal jumps. Yves Niaré of France was dominant in the throws, winning the shot put and discus throw events. Chad's efforts were led by Kaltouma Nadjina who won two golds for her 200 metres and 400 metres performances – her nation's only medals of the entire multi-sport event that year.


Name Event Country Record Type
Rachid Kisri Men's marathon   Morocco 2:17:03 GR
Zhor El Kamch Women's 10,000 metres   Morocco 33:41.28 GR
Key:0000WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • GR — Games record  • NR — National record

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see Athletics at the 2005 Jeux de la Francophonie – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Idrissa Sanou (BUR) 10.48   Éric Pacôme N'Dri (CIV) 10.52   Amr Ibrahim Mostafa Seoud (EGY) 10.55
200 metres   Ben Youssef Meité (CIV) 20.99   Marius Loua (CIV) 21.01   Oumar Loum (SEN) 21.12
400 metres   Mathieu Gnanligo (BEN) 46.43   Fernando Augustin (MRI) 46.52   Ismael Daif (MAR) 47.13
800 metres   Yassine Bensghir (MAR) 1:47.11   Assane Diallo (SEN) 1:49.10   Abdelkrim Khoudri (MAR) 1:49.52
1500 metres   Yassine Bensghir (MAR) 3:46.58   Youssef Baba (MAR) 3:46.84   Zakaria Mazouzi (MAR) 3:47.84
5000 metres   Adil Kaouch (MAR) 14:16.23   Abdelhalim Zahraoui (MAR) 14:16.39   Dieudonné Disi (RWA) 14:16.41
10,000 metres   Dieudonné Disi (RWA) 29:17.11   Abderrahim Goumri (MAR) 29:18.05   Ahmed Baday (MAR) 29:18.06
110 metres hurdles   Cédric Lavanne (FRA) 13.68   Jared MacLeod (CAN) 13.70   Joseph-Berlioz Randriamihaja (MAD) 14.08
400 metres hurdles   Ibou Faye (SEN) 50.67   Ibrahima Maïga (MLI) 50.71   Barnabé Bationo (BUR) 51.04
3000 metres steeplechase   Hamid Ezzine (MAR) 8:52.73   Abderrahman Mouatassim (MAR) 9:01.03   Nordine Gezzar (FRA) 9:08.33
4×100 metres relay   Ivory Coast (CIV)
Jean-Ukruch Kouassi Tiecura
Marius Loua
Ben Youssef Meité
Éric Pacôme N'Dri
39.79   France (FRA)
Yannick Urbino
Thierry Lubin
Christophe Cheval
Jérôme Éyana
40.09   Mauritius (MRI)
Arnaud Casquette
Fernando Augustin
Henrico Louis
Ommana Kowlessur
4×400 metres relay   Morocco (MAR)
Younes Frhani
Abdelkrim Khoudri
Younés Belkaifa
Ismael Daif
3:06.87   Mauritius (MRI)
Jean-Francois Degrasse
Ommana Kowlessur
Anton Vieillesse
Fernando Augustin
3:07.46   Senegal (SEN)
El Hadji Sethe Mbow
Jacques Sambou
Ibou Faye
Cheikh Drame
Marathon   Rachid Kisri (MAR) 2:17:03 GR   Zäid Laâroussi (MAR) 2:17:18   Abderrahime Bouramdane (MAR) 2:18:46
20 km walk   Denis Langlois (FRA) 1:30:47   David Boulanger (FRA) 1:31:16   Hassanine Sebei (TUN) 1:32:36
High jump   Mustapha Raifak (FRA) 2.24 m   Kwaku Boateng (CAN)
  Eduard Sebestyén (ROU)
2.20 m Not awarded
Pole vault   Damiel Dossévi (FRA) 5.40 m   Pierre-Charles Peuf (FRA) 5.30 m   Robert Hanson (CAN) 5.20 m
Long jump   Salim Sdiri (FRA) 7.98 m   Tarik Bougtaïb (MAR) 7.78 m (w)†   Arnaud Casquette (MRI) 7.76 m (w)
(wind: 2.4 m/s)
Triple jump   Tarik Bougtaïb (MAR) 16.91 m   Yahya Berrabah (MAR) 16.44 m   Daniel Donovici (ROU) 16.11 m
Shot put   Yves Niaré (FRA) 18.64 m   Stéphane Szuster (FRA) 17.19 m   Badri Obeid (LIB) 15.49 m
Discus throw   Yves Niaré (FRA) 54.15 m   Bertrand Vili (FRA) 54.05 m   Eric Forshaw (CAN) 52.80 m
Hammer throw   James Steacy (CAN) 71.90 m   Christophe Épalle (FRA) 71.41 m   Cosmin Sorescu (ROU) 67.43 m
Javelin throw   David Brisseault (FRA) 71.64 m   Vitoli Tipotio (FRA) 67.79 m   Fabio Ramsamy (MRI) 65.54 m
Decathlon   Romain Barras (FRA) 8046 pts   Nadir El Fassi (FRA) 7307 pts   Patrick Russel (CAN) 7097 pts
  • † = Wind speed was not recorded for this jump


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Véronique Mang (FRA) 11.40   Amandine Allou Affoue (CIV) 11.67   Fabienne Beret-Martinel (FRA) 11.72
200 metres   Kaltouma Nadjina (CHA) 22.92   Aurélie Kamga (FRA) 23.72   Phara Anacharsis (FRA) 23.75
400 metres   Kaltouma Nadjina (CHA) 52.12   Fatou Bintou Fall (SEN) 52.57   Solen Désert (FRA) 53.57
800 metres   Seltana Aït Hammou (MAR) 2:04.63   Mihaela Neacșu (ROU) 2:05.30   Saïda El Mehdi (MAR) 2:06.49
1500 metres   Seltana Aït Hammou (MAR) 4:34.32   Saïda El Mehdi (MAR) 4:34.46   Mariem Alaoui Selsouli (MAR) 4:35.60
5000 metres   Zhor El Kamch (MAR) 16:19.71   Bouchra Chaâbi (MAR) 16:21.54   Christine Bardelle (FRA) 16:38.02
10,000 metres   Zhor El Kamch (MAR) 33:41.28 GR   Malika Asahssah (MAR) 34:41.23   Fatima Ayachi (MAR) 34:59.34
100 metres hurdles   Joanna Bujak (FRA) 13.47   Carole Kaboud Mebam (CMR) 13.58   Elisabeth Davin (BEL) 13.65
400 metres hurdles   Sylvanie Morandais (FRA) 58.27   Aïssata Soulama (BUR) 58.40   Aurore Kassambara (FRA) 59.45
4×100 metres relay   France (FRA)
Véronique Mang
Fabienn Beret-Martinel
Aurélie Kamga
Carima Louami
44.61   Ivory Coast (CIV)
Estelle Brou
Makari Sanganoko
Louise Ayétotché
Amandine Allou Affoue
45.36   Burkina Faso (BUR)
Mariette Mien
Sarah Tondé
Kadidiatou Traoré
Béatrice Kamboulé
45.99 NR
4×400 metres relay   France (FRA)
Phara Anacharsis
Aurelie Kamga
Aurore Kassambara
Sylvanie Morandais
3:37.91   Canada (CAN)
Lauren Seibel
Tasha Monroe
Melina Thibodeau
Esther Akinsulie
3:40.96   Morocco (MAR)
Saïda El Mehdi
Halima Hachlaf
Seltana Aït Hammou
Hanane Skhyi
Marathon   Céline Cormerais (FRA)
  Eléna Fétizon (FRA)
2:45:28 Not awarded   Epiphanie Nyirabaramé (RWA) 2:50:13
High jump   Whitney Evans (CAN) 1.83 m   Andreea Ispan (ROU) 1.83 m   Beatrice Lundmark (SUI) 1.79 m
Pole vault   Kelsie Hendry (CAN) 4.15 m   Syrine Balti (TUN) 4.05 m   Amélie Delzenne (FRA) 3.95 m
Long jump   Elise Vesanes (FRA) 6.42 m   Céline Laporte (SEY) 6.24 m   Alina Militaru (ROU) 6.22 m
Triple jump   Mariette Mien (BUR) 13.23 m   Latifa Ezziraoui (MAR) 13.18 m   Béatrice Kamboulé (BUR) 13.05 m
Shot put   Jessica Cérival (FRA) 16.32 m   Elena Hila (ROU) 15.93 m   Amel Ben Khaled (TUN) 14.81 m
Discus throw   Ileana Brânduşoiu (ROU) 52.28 m   Agnès Teppe (FRA) 49.52 m   Suzanne Kragbé (CIV) 48.72 m
Hammer throw   Stéphanie Falzon (FRA) 65.12 m   Amélie Perrin (FRA) 64.02 m   Mihaela Melinte (ROM) 61.96 m
Javelin throw   Lindy Leveau (SEY) 53.92 m   Sephora Bissoly (FRA) 52.71 m   Karine Hervieu (FRA) 51.34 m

Medal tableEdit

Romain Barras broke the 8000-point barrier in the decathlon to become one of 19 French victors.
Salim Sdiri of France won the long jump
1  France1912839
2  Morocco1111931
3  Canada3339
4  Ivory Coast2417
5  Burkina Faso2136
6  Chad2002
7  Romania1449
8  Senegal1225
9  Seychelles1102
10  Rwanda1023
11  Benin1001
12  Mauritius0235
13  Tunisia0123
14  Cameroon0101
16  Belgium0011
Totals (20 nations)444342129
  • Note: Arnaud Casquette of Mauritius won long jump and relay bronze medals, but then tested positive for cannabis and was given a six-month ban. However, his medals were not stripped.[2]

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