Asif Iqbal (lyricist)

Asif Iqbal (birth: 12 October) is a Bangladeshi lyricist and composer. He is a successful corporate personality in Bangladesh. He has been acclaimed for his multifaceted and innovative work in several renowned institutions of the country.

Asif Iqbal
Born12 October
EducationChittagong College
Saint Placid's High School, Chittagong
Occupationlyricist, composer and businessman
Parent(s)B. M. Faizur Rahman (father)

Life and careerEdit

Asif Iqbal was born at Kanchana Union under Satkania Upazila in Chittagong district.[1] He has been writing songs for almost 30 years. He is most remembered for his film and album songs. In 2017, he was awarded Best Lyricist at 12th Channel i Music Awards.[2] He was also selected as the best lyricist for the 7th BMJA "Music Awards - 2019" for 2019.[3]

He penned the hit song Shada Ar Laal, sung by Asif Akbar and composed the soundtrack of Voyonkor Sundor, an Animesh Aich film. Naqib Khan, Bappa Majumder, James, Pertho Barua, Shakila Zafar, Konak Chapa, Fahmida Nabi, Nancy, Kona, Mahadi, Elita, Rinku, Nishita, Parvez, Ronti, Shafiq Tuhin, Balam, Sabbir have sung various songs written by him.[4][5] He is currently the Executive Director (Marketing) of Meghna Group of Industries. He is also the founder and owner of the music production company Ganchil. He has also taught in the marketing departments of the private Eastwest and Southeast Universities.[6]


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