Balam (singer)

Muhammad Ali Jahangir,[1] or known as Balam (born 24 Dececember 1975), is a Bangladeshi singer, guitarist, composer, performer and producer. He used to be the lead guitarist for the band Warfaze.[2] Later he introduced himself as a solo singer. In 2019 he joined LRB as a lead vocalist.

Birth nameMuhammad Ali Jahangir
Occupation(s)Singer, composer, lyricist
Years active1995–present
Associated actsWarfaze (1998-2007)
LRB (2019-2019)


Balam started his career by forming the band Renegades after graduating from secondary school in 1995. He was the lead guitarist and main vocalist. The band published two albums - Onno Bhubon and Firiye Dao. Balam also worked as a guest artist in popular bands like Ark and Pentagon.

Three years later, he joined Warfaze as the lead guitarist and the second vocalist. In 2002, Sunjoy and Babna had to leave the band due to their personal reasons. Balam then became the lead vocalist. He produced singles like "Jadutare", "Nei Tumi", and "Somoy" as a part of the Band. Maharaj was another hit album during this phase; most of its songs were produced by him. Balam published his first featured album in 2005 which was Prem Shikari which gained him recognition.

In 2007, he left Warfaze and pursued a solo career. His debut solo album was self-titled and became internationally recognised. He became a strong competitor of the then leading singer Habib Wahid. He continued with the successful albums Balam II and Balam III. During this period he also published two duet albums on which his sister Julee sang in his composition.

After 2010, he took a break of three years as his wife Sadia was unwell.

In 2013, his fourth solo album Bhubon was released. However, as the whole country was unstable politically, his album did not gain much popularity. Balam stopped working on new songs after facing rejection for his fourth album. Kaushik Hossain Taposh, the CEO of Gaanbangla Television inspired him to come back. Balam came back with his first HD music video "Meghey Dhaaka". It received a huge response, and he started working regularly. "Koto Je Khujechi Tomay"[3] was another successful duet music video.

In 2017, Balam published his fifth solo album, Golper Shohor, one of the most streamed albums on the Yonder music app. However, Yonder went bankrupt and suspended their services. At last Banglalink brought out another music app, VIBE, which got a number of popular artists including Balam, Habib, Shafin Ahmed, and Pritom Hassan to sign contracts. Being an ambassador, Balam published several songs like "Hothath", "Adore" and "Khola Akash", where he featured artists like Dilshad Nahar Kona and Anika Tasnim. "Hothath" was later republished as a music video and drew the attention of music enthusiasts.

Besides singing, he has also acted on two TV dramas and hosted a number of TV programs. He has also started the record labels and production houses Zero Records and The Industry in association with Kaushik Hossain Taposh and Adit Rahman.

Solo albumsEdit

  • Balam
  • Balam II
  • Digital Bangladesh
  • Balam III
  • Bhubon (Balam IV)
  • Golper Shohor (Balam V)

Albums with bandsEdit

  • Onno Bhubon (Renegades)
  • Firiye Dao (Renegades)
  • Alo (Warfaze)
  • Moharaaj (Warfaze)
  • Shopnochura 3 (Balam feat. "Protikkha" by "Montro")

Featured and mixed albumsEdit

  • Prem Shikari (Balam featuring Julee, Ovi & Pintu)
  • Balam featuring Julee
  • Shwapner Prithibi (Balam featuring Julee II)
  • Nari (Balam, Bappa, Labik, Habib & others)
  • The Gurus Of Love (Balam, Habib, Fuad, Arnob)
  • Ashik O Akota (Balam, Simin, Nazia, Shuddho & Ali)
  • Adhar (Balam, X-Uranium, Bibhishika, Artonad, Slave and others)
  • Adhar II (Balam, CynicX, Dhushor, Factor, Fear and others)
  • Chayashoriri (Zia Khan Featuring Balam, Ayub Bacchu, Raghab Chattejee, Topu, Konal, Rupam Islam)
  • Krishno kala by Rashed Khan (Balam feat. "Meye Tumi" & "Krishno kala")
  • Ganer Michile (Ovi) (Balam feat. "Doyal" song)
  • Fele Asha (Mila) (Balam feat. "Nirjon raat", "Fele Asha", "Chera Paal" & "Pora Bashi")
  • Syntheya's self-titled album (Balam feat. "Smritir Sihoron")
  • JUK's self-titled album (Balam feat. "Amar Nao Ore Asmane")
  • Bristi Binimoy by Limon Chowdhury (Balam feat. "Mon Kharap")
  • Nirjhorer Tanpura by Limon Chowdhury (Balam feat. "Badha")
  • Chai tomay (Ibrar tipu) (vocal bonus track - "O prithibi")

Playback and actingEdit

Other songs and TVC jinglesEdit

  • Tumi Rupkothay ( released as music video )
  • Meghe Dhaka (released as music video)
  • Hotath (released as music video)
  • Jodi bhul Kore (released as song in Yonder music app)
  • Khepa Gaan (Aditation featuring Balam, Taufique and others)
  • Mumin hote chai (Balam, Imran, Asif)
  • Acho hridoye (T20 theme song-2014 with Adit, Tahsan & Samina chowdhury)
  • Khola Akash (Balam featuring Anika Tasnim)
  • Adure (Balam n Kona)
  • Sylhet Superstar theme song (Balam with Tawfique (BPL-2015))
  • Dekho hashi (Salman F Rahman-Bangladesh Awami league TVC)
  • Jigwasha (Banglalink TVC)
  • Ekanto apon (Navana Real Estate TVC)
  • Smile (Grameenphone TVC)
  • Medhabi Bangladesh (ACI salt TVC)
  • Rajshahi Royals theme song(Balam) (BPL-2019)



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