Annika Hocke

Annika Hocke (born 16 July 2000) is a German pair skater. With Robert Kunkel, she is the 2020 Bavarian Open silver medalist and the 2019 German national silver medalist. They won two bronze medals on the 2019–20 ISU Junior Grand Prix series (Croatia and Poland).

Annika Hocke
2019-2020 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final Annika Hocke Robert Kunkel 2019 12 07 2048.jpg
Hocke / Kunkel in 2019
Personal information
Country representedGermany
Born (2000-07-16) 16 July 2000 (age 20)
Berlin, Germany
Home townBerlin
Height1.56 m (5 ft 1 in)
PartnerRobert Kunkel
Former partnerRuben Blommaert, Juri Gnilozoubov
CoachRico Rex, Dmitri Savin, Alexander König, Romy Österreich
Former coachKnut Schubert, Alexander König, Manuela Machon
ChoreographerCatherine Papadakis, Dmitri Savin
Former choreographerMark Pillay, Aliona Savchenko, Maria Baarghorn, Rene Lohse
Skating clubSC Charlottenburg
Training locationsBerlin
Began skating2005
ISU personal best scores
Combined total167.15 (with Kunkel)
2020 Junior Worlds
Short program63.57 (with Kunkel)
2020 Junior Worlds
Free skate113.20 (with Blommaert)
2019 Worlds

With former partner Ruben Blommaert, she is the 2017 CS Ice Star silver medalist, the 2018 Bavarian Open silver medalist, the 2018 International Cup of Nice silver medalist, and the 2018 German national silver medalist. They placed 16th at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Hocke formerly competed in ladies' singles, winning bronze at the 2016 German Championships and placing 11th at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics.

Personal lifeEdit

Annika Hocke was born on 16 July 2000 in Berlin.[1] She was raised in Zehlendorf.[2] Her parents, Sylvia Warnke and Ansgar Hocke, are journalists.[3]


Single skatingEdit

Hocke began skating as a four-year-old in 2005, learning at an ice rink in Wilmersdorf.[4][5] In January 2014, she won gold in the under-13 novice girls category at the German Youth Championships.[6]

In the 2015–16 season, Hocke won junior medals at three international competitions – silver at the Volvo Open Cup in Riga, gold at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund, and gold at the Santa Claus Cup in Budapest. In January 2016, she won the junior silver medal at the German Youth Championships. In February, she represented Germany at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics in Hamar, Norway. Competing in the individual ladies' event, Hocke placed 15th in the short program, 10th in the free skate, and 11th overall. She was a member of Team Determination in the mixed NOC team event, replacing Kaori Sakamoto who withdrew due to injury.[7] She placed 6th in her segment and her team finished 8th.[8] She is coached by Manuela Machon in Berlin.[9]

Pair skatingEdit

In September 2014,[10] Hocke teamed up with Juri Gnilozoubov to compete in pairs, training in Berlin.[11] They placed fourth in junior pairs at the International Challenge Cup in February 2015.

Hocke and Ruben Blommaert announced their partnership on 9 February 2017.[12] A year later in February 2018 the pair competed at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, finishing in sixteenth place. At the following World Championships in March 2018 they finished in thirteenth place. Hocke and Blommaert announced the end of their partnership following a fourteenth-place finish at the 2019 World Championships.

Soon after, Hocke announced that she had formed a new partnership with Robert Kunkel. Despite Hocke having previous attended the Olympics, the two were still age-eligible for international junior competitions, and so began on the Junior Grand Prix, where they won two bronze medals at JGP Croatia and JGP Poland, and were the only non-Russian team to qualify to the Junior Grand Prix Final, where they placed sixth.[13] On the senior leve, Hocke/Kunkel debuted at the 2019 CS Warsaw Cup, placing sixth, and then won silver medals at the German nationals championships and the 2020 Bavarian Open. They were seventh at the 2020 European Championships. Hocke/Kunkel concluded the season at the 2020 World Junior Championships, where they placed fourth and won a small bronze medal for a third-place finish in the free skate; only Kunkel invalidating their pair spin element by putting both feet down kept them from winning the overall bronze medal. Despite this, Hocke remarked "our first and last Junior World Championships — it was amazing!"[14]


Pairs with KunkelEdit

Season Short program Free skating

Pairs with BlommaertEdit

Season Short program Free skating
  • Land of All
    by Woodkid

Ladies' singlesEdit

Season Short program Free skating
  • Carmen
    by Georges Bizet, Rodion Shchedrin

Competition resultsEdit

CS: ISU Challenger Series; JGP: Junior Grand Prix

Pairs with KunkelEdit

Event 2019–20
Europeans 7th
CS Warsaw Cup 6th
Bavarian Open 2nd
International: Junior[19]
Junior Worlds 4th
JGP Final 6th
JGP Croatia 3rd
JGP Poland 3rd
German Champ. 2nd
TBD = Assigned

Pairs with BlommaertEdit

Event 2017–18 2018–19
Olympics 16th
Worlds 13th 14th
Europeans 8th
GP Skate America 7th
GP NHK Trophy WD
CS Golden Spin 6th
CS Ice Star 2nd
CS Nebelhorn 5th
CS Warsaw Cup 4th
Bavarian Open 2nd
Challenge Cup 3rd
Cup of Nice 2nd
German Champ. 3rd 2nd

Pairs with GnilozoubovEdit

International: Junior[21]
Event 2014–15
Challenge Cup 4th

Ladies' singlesEdit

Event 11–12 12–13 13–14 14–15 15–16 16–17
Bavarian Open 8th
Golden Bear 16th
Toruń Cup 6th
International: Junior[22][23]
Youth Olympics 11th
JGP Germany 13th
JGP Russia 7th
Bavarian Open 7th
Challenge Cup 4th
Cup of Nice 13th 12th
Hellmut Seibt 2nd
Ice Challenge 25th
Lombardia Trophy 4th 5th
NRW Trophy 15th 1st 5th
Santa Claus Cup 1st
Volvo Open Cup 2nd 6th
International: Advanced novice[23]
Challenge Cup 6th
Hellmut Seibt 2nd
Lombardia Trophy 3rd
NRW Trophy 9th 2nd
Warsaw Cup 13th 4th
German Champ. 8th J 2nd J 3rd
Team events
Youth Olympics 8th T
6th P
J = Junior level
T = Team result; P = Personal result

Detailed resultsEdit

Small medals for short and free programs awarded only at ISU Championships.

With KunkelEdit

Senior resultsEdit

2019–2020 season
Date Event SP FS Total
3-9 February 2020 2020 Bavarian Open 3
20-26 January 2020 2020 European Championships 7
1-3 January 2020 2020 German Championships 2
14-17 November 2019 2019 Warshaw Cup 3

Junior resultsEdit

2019–2020 season
Date Event SP FS Total
2-8 March 2020 2020 World Junior Championships 4
5-8 December 2019 2019–20 Junior Grand Prix Final 6
25-28 September 2019 ISU Junior Grand Prix in Croatia 3
18-21 September 2019 2019 JGP Poland 3


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