Anna of Hungary (Byzantine empress)

Anna of Hungary[1] (Kingdom of Hungary, c. 1260—1281) was a Princess of Hungary and Croatia, daughter of Stephen V of Hungary and Elizabeth the Cuman.[2] Anna was granddaughter of Bela IV.

On 8 November 1273, Anna married Andronikos II Palaiologos.[2]

According to George Pachymeres, the couple had two children:

Anna died before her husband became senior emperor in 1282. However every Palaiologos emperor to the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 descended from her through her son Michael. Anna's sister Elisabeth and Simonida (daughter of Anna's husband by another wife) both married King of Serbia.



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Anna of Hungary (Byzantine empress)
Born: c. 1260 Died: 1281
Royal titles
Preceded by
Theodora Palaiologina
Byzantine Empress
with Theodora Palaiologina (1273–1281)
Succeeded by
Theodora Palaiologina