Maria Laskarina

Maria Laskarina (c. 1206 – 16 July or 24 June 1270) was a Greek Queen consort of Hungary by marriage to Béla IV of Hungary. She was the daughter of Theodore I Laskaris and Anna Komnena Angelina.[1]

Maria Laskarina
V. István koronázása.jpg
Stephen is crowned as rex iunior by his parents, King Béla IV and Queen Maria, as depicted in the Illuminated Chronicle
Queen consort of Hungary
Bornc. 1206
Died16 July or 24 June 1270
SpouseBéla IV of Hungary
FatherTheodore I Laskaris
MotherAnna Angelina


She was a younger sister of Irene Lascarina, first Empress consort of John III Doukas Vatatzes. Theodore married his eldest daughter to his designated heir in 1212. Theodore was widowed in the same year and proceeded to marriages with Philippa of Armenia and Marie de Courtenay.[1] However John was never displaced in succession.

As a younger daughter, the marriage of Maria was not intended to add a potential husband in the line of succession to the throne. Instead it secured a marital alliance with the Kingdom of Hungary.

In 1218, Maria was married to prince Béla of Hungary,[1] and became Roman Catholic, converting from Greek Orthodoxy, her religion by birth. Bride and groom were about twelve-years-old. Her husband was the eldest son of Andrew II of Hungary and Gertrude of Merania.

Andrew II died on 26 October 1235. The crown prince succeeded him as Béla IV and Maria became queen. Béla reigned for thirty-five years and died on 3 May 1270. Maria survived him by about two months. According to the 15th-century Formulary Book of Somogyvár, she died on 23 July 1270 and was buried in the church of the Franciscans in Esztergom.

During the Mongol Invasion of Hungary, Maria and her children were sent by Béla to the Fortress of Klis, Split, along with many other Hungarian noblewomen who had been widowed by the Tatars.[2] She supported her husband against their son Stephen during the 1260s civil wars.


Maria and Béla IV of Hungary had ten children:



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Maria Laskarina
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