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Ann Beach (7 June 1938 – 9 March 2017[1]) was a British actress.[2][3] She is perhaps best remembered for her supporting role as Sonia Barrett, the quirky next-door neighbour on the British comedy Fresh Fields, starring Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers.

Ann Beach
Born(1938-06-07)7 June 1938
Died9 March 2017(2017-03-09) (aged 78)
Spouse(s)Francis Coleman (deceased)
ChildrenCharlotte Coleman (deceased)
Lisa Coleman



She won a scholarship to RADA at the age of 16. After leaving, she went on tour with Frankie Howerd in Hotel Paradiso, and then came to London in the title role of Emlyn Williams's Beth. This was not a success, but she was soon busily engaged in television work, until she went back to the stage in the Theatre Workshop company at the Theatre Royal Stratford East. Among the parts she created there were Rosie in Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be, and Miss Gilchrist in The Hostage. She then created the role of Barbara in Billy Liar at the Cambridge Theatre in September 1960. She was also a member of the BBC's Radio Drama Company.[4]

Personal lifeEdit

She was married to Francis Coleman. She was the mother of Charlotte Coleman and Lisa Coleman.[5][6][7]


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  • Fast Freddie, The Widow and Me (2011) TV Drama [Actress as Grandma]
  • Bad Night For The Blues (2010) TV Drama [Actress as Madge]
  • "Holby Blue: (No.2.3)" (2008) TV Episode [Actress as Annie]
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