Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Costume Design

The Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Costume Design is an annual merit by the Africa Film Academy to reward films with the best costume for the year. It was introduced in 2005 as Best Costume[1]

Best Costume
Year Film Costumier Result
2005 Mastermind Won
Dabi-Dabi Nominated
Eye of the Gods Nominated
Afonja Nominated
2006 Eagle's Bride Won
Secret Adventure Nominated
Rising Moon Nominated
Arrou Nominated
2007 Apesin Won
Azima Nominated
The Amazing Grace Nominated
Bunny Chow Nominated
2008 Princess Tyra Won
Rivals Nominated
Mirror of Beauty Nominated
30 Days Nominated
New Jerusalem Nominated
2009 Arugba Won
Agony of the Christ Nominated
Apaadi Nominated
Live to Remember Nominated
Seventh Heaven Nominated
2010 I Sing of a Well Won
Perfect Picture' Nominated
Prince’s Bride Nominated
The Child Nominated
Lilies of the Ghetto Nominated
2011 Aramotu Won
Inale Nominated
Yemoja Nominated
Sinking Sands Nominated
Elmina Nominated
2012 Adesuwa Won
The Captain Of Nakara Nominated
Rugged Priest Nominated
Somewhere in Africa Nominated
Queen's Desire Nominated
2013 Blood and Henna Won
The Twin Sword Nominated
Elelwani Nominated
Virgin Magarida Nominated
The Meeting Nominated
Cobweb Nominated
2014 Ni Sisi Won
Good Old Days: Love of AA Nominated
Apaye Nominated
Omo Elemosho Nominated
The Forgotten Kingdom Nominated


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