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The Meeting is a 2012 Nigerian romantic comedy drama film produced by Rita Dominic & Mildred Okwo and directed by Mildred Okwo. It stars Femi Jacobs, Rita Dominic, Linda Ejiofor, Kehinde Bankole and Jide Kosoko with Special Appearances from Nse Ikpe Etim, Kate Henshaw and Chinedu Ikedieze. It received 6 nominations at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards and won the award for the category Achievement In Make-Up.[2]

The Meeting
The Meeting 2013 Film.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed byMildred Okwo
Produced by
Written byTunde Babalola
Music byTruth
CinematographyJim Bishop
Edited byOkey Benson
Mord Pictures Production
Distributed byThe Audrey Silva Company (TASC)
Silverbird Distribution
Release date
  • November 23, 2012 (2012-11-23)
Running time
132 minutes
  • English
  • Yoruba
  • Igbo
Budget₦30 million[1]



The film opens at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, with a phone conversation between Mr. Makinde Esho (Femi Jacobs) and his Managing director (Jide Kosoko). Makinde is reminded by his MD about how important it is for him to get an authorization from the Ministry of Land, and return to Lagos with a positive feedback. Just as Makinde is about to board a Taxi, he is interrupted by Ejura (Linda Ejiofor), a female Corp member who pleads for a Lift, as she is short on cash and there is a long queue at the ATM. Makinde refuses at first, but after much persuasion from Ejura, he reluctantly agrees. Even though Ejura had promised earlier to keep mute during the ride, her inquisitive nature gives Makinde facial expressions that prompt answers and eventually start a conversation.

Mr Makinde arrives at the Ministry of land and is met by a scenario involving Mr. Ugor (Chinedu Ikedieze), being forced out of the building by security operatives. Makinde is in awe but manages to help find his way to the reception desk to meet the minister's discourteous secretary, Clara Ikemba (Rita Dominic). He is unapologetically informed by Clara that his meeting, which was originally scheduled for 9:30 am, has been moved to 4:30 pm. Makinde retires his stance and joins the other appointees who are all seated to see the minister. While waiting, Clara informs the appointees that she sells recharge cards and cold drinks to cater for their needs as they wait to see the minister, Ejura also calls Mr Makinde to thank him for the ride he gave to her earlier while he was having his lunch at a nearby eatery . Several hours has gone past and Makinde is yet to get a word from the secretary about his rescheduled meeting. He decides to inquire about it from her but to his surprise, she informs him rudely that the minister has already left the office. Makinde argues that she could have told him and others waiting, instead of making people waste their precious time. Clara replies him "OYO (meaning On Your Own) is their case", a slang which means everyman is responsible to himself and she has no business telling them to wait or go home. The meeting is eventually rescheduled for the following day. Makinde checks into a hotel. While trying to fight boredom, Ejura calls and eventually joins Makinde in the hotel in a bid to keep him company.

Makinde is set to give his presentation to the minister on Tuesday morning, but just as the secretary is about to inform the minister of his presence, a group of Igbo kinsmen arrive at the reception. Hours pass on and the kinsmen conclude their meeting with the minister only for Clara to tell Makinde after a confrontation that the minister is having his lunch and can not see anyone at the moment. Bolarinwa (Nse Ikpe Etim) stylishly enters the reception room to the amazement of everyone in the room. From her brief chat with Clara It is quite clear that she is a close friend to the secretary and the minister's mistress. shortly after the conversation she is granted entry to see the minister. After a while, Makinde stands up to inquire from the secretary again only to be told she is closing. Makinde asks about his appointment and she tells him the minister left 30 minutes ago. He tells her that she should have informed him and other people waiting and give replies with her signature sentence "OYO is their case".

Makinde was forced to spend the night in Abuja. He Later invited Ejura over to his hotel after she called to inquire about his presentation. So starts their love story over five days of Makinde trying unsuccessfully to see the minister. While returning from a movie, they ultimately kiss and cuddled till the next morning. Makinde left for his appointment after asking her what she saw in him despite the age difference. He was later able to make his presentation to the minister and also catch up with his daughter's graduation ceremony. He later flew back to Abuja to spend his holiday with Ejura. The film ends with both kissing at the rooftop of a construction site, Ejura was supervising.



Critical receptionEdit

The Meeting received critical acclaim. Nollywood Reinvented gave the film 78% and wrote "The Meeting is an embodiment of the things that we hope Nollywood will one day attain in all her movies: splendid acting with all round commendable performances, priority being placed on the story over the celebrities, music that has so much character, and an actual tangible original storyline".[3] Sodas & Popcorn wrote "The meeting is simple. It has a very original ‘Nigerian story’ and one of the best screenplays I have seen in a while. A story of love, tribalism, preferential treatment which has loads of comical spectacles".[4] Myne Whiteman of Romance Meets Life gave the film 4.5 out of 5 and commented "the movie ties everything so well together that I forgive the little foibles. It was refreshing to see new faces in the lead roles, and they were very good actors as well. Linda Ejiofor and Femi Jacobs have a chemistry that draws you in, delivering their dialogue with perfect timing and great acting".[5] Toni Kan of DStv wrote "The Meeting is a beautiful movie driven by its story line and well chosen cast of characters. It is a movie that sets out with pretty high ambitions and it manages to achieve them all".[6]


The Meeting received six nominations at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards including awards for categories Achievement In Costume Design, Achievement In Makeup, Best Nigerian Film, Best Actress In A Supporting Role for Linda Ejiofor, Best Actor In A Leading Role for Femi Jacobs and Best Actress In A Leading Role for Rita Dominic. It eventually won just the award for the category Achievement In Make-Up.[7] It also received 11 nominations at the 2013 Nollywood Movies Awards,[8] Rita Dominic won award for Best actress in a film for her role in The Meeting at the 2013 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.[9]

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