Blood and Henna

Blood and Henna is a 2012 Nigerian film directed by Kenneth Gyang, starring Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq and Nafisat Abdullahi. The film tries to narrate the ordeal of the 1996 Pfizer Clinical Test in Kano, Nigeria.[1] It received 6 nominations at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards, and eventually won only the award for Best Costume Design.[2]

Blood and Henna
Directed byKenneth Gyang
Produced by
  • Nura Akilu
  • Kenneth Gyang
  • Ali Nuhu
Screenplay by
  • Kenneth Gyang
  • Nura Akilu
CinematographyIfeanyi Iloduba
Edited byAbdul-Jabbar Ahmad
Newage Networks
Release date
  • 2012 (2012)
Running time
105 minutes


Set in a 1996 Nigeria, a Lagos shop-owner, Musa returns to his hometown in Northern Nigeria after his shop was set ablaze in Lagos due to political unrests in the state by opposing parties. Musa is warmly welcomed in his village by everyone especially from two of his very close friends. One of his friends, Shehu, a journalist very critical of the present military government had to quit his job to teach in a community school. Saude's father is the wealthiest farmer in the village. He married off Sude to Musa after He expanded his father's business with his expertise in farming. The couple were having a perfect marriage until she began to have series of miscarriages. A deadly infection is spread across the village which threatens the very existence of the community.



A trailer for the film was released on November 25, 2011.[3]


List of Major Awards
Award Category Recipients and nominees Result
Africa Film Academy
(9th Africa Movie Academy Awards)[4]
Achievement in Production Design Nominated
Achievement in Costume Design Won
Achievement in Screenplay Kenneth Gyang Nominated
Best Nigerian film Kenneth Gyang Nominated
Best film in an African Language Kenneth Gyang Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Ali Nuhu Nominated


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