Adolf, Duke of Guelders

Adolf of Egmond (Grave, February 12, 1438 – Tournai, June 27, 1477) was a Duke of Guelders, Count of Zutphen from 1465–1471 and in 1477.

Adolf, Duke of Guelders
Adolf von Egmond.jpg
Adolf's coat of arms
Born(1438-02-12)12 February 1438
Died27 June 1477(1477-06-27) (aged 39)
Noble familyHouse of Egmond
Spouse(s)Catharine of Bourbon
FatherArnold, Duke of Guelders
MotherCatherine of Cleves


Adolf was the son of Arnold, Duke of Guelders and Catherine of Cleves.[1] In the battle of succession for Guelders, he imprisoned in 1465 his own father and became Duke with the support of Philip the Good, who also made him Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece.[2] In 1468 he won the Battle of Straelen against Cleves,[3] but Charles the Bold reinstated his father Arnold, and Adolf was imprisoned in Hesdin.[4]

After the death of Charles the Bold in 1477, Adolf was liberated by the Flemish. He died the same year at the head of a Flemish army besieging Tournai, after the States of Guelders had recognized him as Duke.[4] His body was buried in Tournai Cathedral.

Coat of arms of Adolf

Family and issueEdit

Adolf married Catharine of Bourbon (1440–1469),[2] daughter of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon, in 1463. They had twin children :



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Adolf, Duke of Guelders
Born: 12 February 1438 Died: 27 June 1477
Preceded by
Duke of Guelders
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Charles the Bold
Duke of Guelders
Succeeded by
Mary of Burgundy