Margaret of Bavaria (1363 – 23 January 1424, Dijon) was Duchess of Burgundy by marriage to John the Fearless. She was the regent of the Burgundian Low Countries during the absence of her spouse in 1404–1419[1] and the regent in French Burgundy during the absence of her son in 1419–1423.[1] She became most known for her successful defense of the Duchy of Burgundy against Count John IV of Armagnac in 1419.[1]

Margaret of Bavaria
16th-century anonymous painting of Margaret
Duchess consort of Burgundy
Died23 January 1424 (aged 60–61)
(m. 1385; died 1419)
FatherAlbert I, Duke of Bavaria
MotherMargaret of Brieg

Life edit

Margaret was the fifth child of Albert I, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Hainault, Holland, and Zeeland and Lord of Frisia, and Margaret of Brieg.[2]

Marriage edit

On 12 April 1385, at the Burgundian double wedding in Cambrai, she married John, Count of Nevers, the son and heir of Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, and Margaret of Dampierre, Countess of Flanders, Artois and Burgundy;[3] at the same time her brother, William II, Duke of Bavaria, married Margaret of Burgundy.

Duchess regent edit

With the death of Philip the Bold in 1404, and Margaret of Dampierre in 1405, John inherited these territories, and Margaret became duchess. They had only one son, Philip the Good (1396–1467), who inherited these territories, and seven daughters.

In 1409, Margaret was named deputy regent of the Duchy of Burgundy, to rule whenever her spouse was absent from the Duchy to attend to other parts of his realm.

In 1419, Margaret became a widow. Her son confirmed his father's appointment of Margaret as deputy regent of Burgundy, and she ruled Burgundy during the absence of her son in 1419–1423.

Children edit

Ancestry edit

Notes edit

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References edit

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Margaret of Bavaria
Born: 1363 Died: 23 January 1424
Royal titles
Preceded by Duchess consort of Burgundy
27 April 1404 – 10 September 1419
Succeeded by