Margaret of Jülich

Margaret of Jülich (c. 1350 – 10 October 1425) was a daughter of Duke Gerhard VI of Jülich and his wife, Margaret of Ravensberg (1315-1389).

Margaret of Jülich
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Bornc. 1350
Died(1425-10-10)10 October 1425
Noble familyHouse of Jülich
Spouse(s)Adolf III of the Marck
FatherGerhard VI of Jülich, Count of Berg and Ravensberg
MotherMargaret of Ravensberg

In 1369, she married Adolf III of the Marck. She had fourteen children with him, at least five of whom did not survive infancy.

  • Mynta (b. c. 1369)
  • Joanna (b. c. 1370), abbess of Hörde
  • Adolph (1373-1448), succeeded his father in Cleves and later also in the Marck.
  • Dietrich (1374-1398), succeeded his father in the Marck.
  • Gerhard (d. 1461), also Adolph as count of the Marck
  • Margaret (1375-1411), married in 1394 Albert I, Duke of Bavaria (d. 1404)
  • Elisabeth (1378-1439), married Reinold of Valkenburg (d. 1396) and Stephen III, Duke of Bavaria
  • Engelberta (d. 1458), married Frederick IV of Moers (1376-1448)
  • Catherine (c. 1395 – 1459)
Margaret of Jülich
Born: c. 1350 Died: 10 October 1425
Preceded by
Margaret of Cleves
Lady of Amstelveen
and Nieuwer-Amstel

Succeeded by
Catherine of Cleves