Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois

Adelaide of Vermandois (died 23 September 1120) was suo jure Countess of Vermandois and Valois from 1080 to 1120. She was the last landed ruler of the Carolingian dynasty.

Died1120 or 1124
Noble familyCarolingian dynasty
Spouse(s)Hugh I, Count of Vermandois
Renaud II, Count of Clermont
FatherHerbert IV, Count of Vermandois
MotherAdele of Valois

Adelaide was the daughter of Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois and Adele of Valois.[1]

By 1080,[2] Adelaide married Hugh, son of the Capetian King Henry I of France and younger brother of Philip I of France.[3] Hugh became Count of Vermandois, following Adelaide's father's death.[a][4]

In 1104, Adelaide married Renaud II, Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis.[5] By this marriage, Adelaide had a daughter, Margaret of Clermont.

In 1102, Adelaide was succeeded by her son, Ralph I. Adelaide died in 1120, being the last Carolingian to hold the County of Vermandois.

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Adelaide and Hugh had:

Adelaide and Renaud had:

Notes edit

  1. ^ All of Herbert’s lands would go to Hugh upon Herbert's death in 1080, giving the Capetians an important foothold.[4]

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Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois
French nobility
Preceded by Countess of Vermandois;
Countess of Valois
with Hugh I
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