Odo I, Count of Vermandois

Odo I (Eudes I), called “the Insane”, was Count of Vermandois and Valois from 1080 to 1085 and ruler of Saint-Simon from 1085. The last Carolingian male (from its branch Herbertines), he was the only son of Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois and Adele of Valois.[citation needed]

In 1080 Odo inherited Vermandois from his father and Valois from his mother, although disinherited by Herbert IV. Odo was probably mentally ill.[citation needed] In 1085 the council of barons took the power away from Odo and gave it to his sister, Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois, married to Hugh, son of Henry I of France. Odo was given Saint-Simon.

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