Adele of Valois (Adèle/Adélaïde) was a daughter of Ralph IV of Valois and Adele of Bar-sur-Aube.[1]

Map of France in 1030

She married firstly Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois and they had:

  1. Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois
  2. Odo I, Count of Vermandois

She was also the second wife of Theobald III, Count of Blois[2] and they had:

  1. Philip, who became bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne[3]
  2. Odo, who inherited possessions in Champagne (Troyes). He died in 1093, leaving the possessions to his brother Hugh.
  3. Hugh,[3] who became the first to be called count of Champagne.
  4. Hawise, also known as Hawise of Guingamp, wife of Stephen, Count of Tréguier.[4]

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