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The ACC Twenty20 Cup is a 20-over cricket tournament organised by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). The tournament does not include the four ACC members who are full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), instead featuring the best associate and affiliate members. Matches at the tournament were not accorded official Twenty20 or Twenty20 International status, but from the 2019 version of the tournament the matches will be granted T20I status as the ICC has announced that all T20 matches between its Associate and Affiliate members will be considered T20I matches from 1 January 2019.[1]

Asian Cricket Council Twenty20 Cup
AdministratorAsian Cricket Council
First edition2007
Latest edition2015
Tournament formatRound-robin and knockout (2007–2013)
Round-robin (2015)
Number of teams8 (2015)
Current champion Oman (2nd title)
Most successful Afghanistan (4 titles)
QualificationICC World Twenty20 Qualifier
2015 ACC Twenty20 Cup

The inaugural ACC Twenty20 Cup in 2007 was jointly won by Afghanistan and Oman.[2] From 2011, the tournament has been part of the qualification process for the ICC World Twenty20. The four top-ranked teams at the 2011 and 2013 tournaments qualified for the next World Twenty20 Qualifier. At the 2013 Qualifier (for the 2014 main tournament), the four ACC teams all gained Twenty20 International status and automatic qualification for the 2015 Qualifier (for the 2016 main tournament). Consequently, those teams were excluded from the 2015 ACC Twenty20 Cup, with only the winner (Oman) qualifying for the 2016 Qualifier.


2007 ACC Twenty20 CupEdit

The 2007 tournament took place from 27 October until 2 November in Kuwait. Ten teams participated in the tournament.

The final between Afghanistan and Oman was tied after 20 overs each. Tournament regulations stated that a Bowl-out was to be used in the event of a tie, but due to the poor condition of the pitch after the match, it was cancelled and the trophy shared.[3]

2009 ACC Twenty20 CupEdit

A second tournament was held in November 2009, featuring all but the bottom two teams from the 2007 tournament. The cricket team from Afghanistan was the winner again.[4] The top three teams from the 2009 tournament joined Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the cricket tournament at the 2010 Asian Games.[5]

2011 ACC Twenty20 CupEdit

A third tournament was held in December 2011, featuring ten teams. The cricket team from Afghanistan was the winner for the third time. The top three teams from the 2011 tournament will head to the UAE to participate in the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier.

2013 ACC Twenty20 CupEdit

A fourth tournament was held between March 26- April 3 in Nepal, featuring ten teams. The cricket team from Afghanistan was the winner for the fourth time. Nepal, Hong Kong qualified for the 2013 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier in addition to Afghanistan as an ODI nation and UAE as hosts.

2015 ACC Twenty20 CupEdit

The 2015 edition of the tournament was held in the United Arab Emirates in early 2015. The tournament, won by Oman, served as a qualifying tournament for the 2015 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier, to be held in Ireland and Scotland. Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates did not play in the tournament as their T20I status had already placed them in the 2015 World Twenty20 Qualifier.

Results summaryEdit

ACC Twenty20 Cup
Year Host Final venue Champion Runner-up Third place Fourth place
2007   Kuwait KOC Cricket Ground,
Kuwait City
  Oman (tied)
no runner up   Kuwait   UAE
2009   UAE Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium,
Abu Dhabi
  Afghanistan   UAE   Oman   Kuwait
2011     Nepal Tribhuvan University Ground,
  Afghanistan   Hong Kong   Oman     Nepal
2013     Nepal Tribhuvan University Ground,
  Afghanistan     Nepal   UAE   Hong Kong
2015   UAE no final played   Oman   Kuwait   Saudi Arabia   Singapore

Participating teamsEdit

  • 1st – Champions
  • 2nd – Runners-up
  • 3rd – Third place
  • Q – Qualified
  • * – Team was ineligible for tournament
  •     — Hosts
  Afghanistan 1st 1st 1st 1st * 4
  Bahrain 11th 10th 2
  Bhutan 9th 1
  China 12th 1
  Hong Kong 8th 10th 2nd 4th * 4
  Kuwait 3rd 4th 7th 5th 2nd 5
  Malaysia 10th 7th 6th 6th 5th 5
  Maldives 8th 8th 6th 3
    Nepal 7th 5th 4th 2nd * 4
  Oman 1st 3rd 3rd 7th 1st 5
  Qatar 6th 9th 2
  Saudi Arabia 9th 8th 10th 3rd 4
  Singapore 5th 6th 9th 4th 4
  United Arab Emirates 4th 2nd 5th 3rd * 4

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