8th Parliament of Upper Canada

The 8th Parliament of Upper Canada was opened 31 January 1821. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in July 1820. All sessions were held at York, Upper Canada and sat in the second Parliament Buildings of Upper Canada. This parliament was dissolved 22 June 1824.

The House of Assembly of the 8th Parliament of Upper Canada had four sessions 31 January 1821 to 19 January 1824:[1] It sat at the second Parliament Buildings of Upper Canada until a fire destroyed it and moved to the York General Hospital.

This parliament saw the emergence of the power and conservative Family Compact with member Sir John Robinson, 1st Baronet, of Toronto.

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 31 January 1821 14 February 1821
2nd 21 November 1821 17 January 1822
3rd 15 January 1823 19 March 1823
4th 11 November 1823 19 January 1824
Riding Member
Carleton William Morris
Dundas Peter Shaver
Durham Samuel Street Wilmot
Essex François Baby
Essex William McCormick
Frontenac Allan McLean
Glengarry Alexander MacDonell of Greenfield
Glengarry Alexander McMartin
Grenville Walter F. Gates
Grenville Jonas Jones
Halton James Crooks
Halton William Chisholm
Hastings Rueben White
Kent James Gordon
Kingston Christopher Alexander Hagerman
Leeds Levius Peters Sherwood - Speaker 1821-1824
Leeds Charles Jones
Lennox & Addington Samuel Casey
Lennox & Addington Daniel Hagerman[2]
Barnabas Bidwell[3]
Matthew Clark [4]
George Ham [5]
1st Lincoln County John Clarke
2nd Lincoln William Johnson Kerr
3rd Lincoln Robert Hamilton
4th Lincoln Robert Randal
Middlesex Mahlon Burwell
Middlesex John Bostwick (Mar 1821)
Norfolk Robert Nichol
Norfolk Francis Leigh Walsh
Northumberland David McGregor Rogers
Northumberland Henry Ruttan
Oxford Thomas Hornor
Prescott & Russell William Hamilton[6]
David Pattee (Mar 1821)
Prince Edward James Wilson
Prince Edward Paul Peterson
Stormont Archibald McLean
Stormont Philip VanKoughnet
Wentworth George Hamilton
Wentworth John Willson
York (town) John Beverley Robinson
York & Simcoe Peter Robinson
York William Warren Baldwin

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