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2019 World Athletics Championships – Men's 5000 metres

The men's 5000 metres at the 2019 World Athletics Championships was held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha from 27 to 30 September 2019.[1]

Men's 5000 metres
at the 2019 World Championships
VenueKhalifa International Stadium
Dates27 September (heats)
30 September (final)
Competitors39 from 21 nations
Winning time12:58.85
gold medal    Ethiopia
silver medal    Ethiopia
bronze medal    Canada
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2021 →


The semi-final heats were held on Friday, in which all three Ethiopian athletes qualified for the final. All three Norwegian athletes also qualified, after European Champion Jakob Ingebrigtsen successfully appealed a disqualification for stepping past the kerb of the track during his heat.

During the final, the Ethiopians employed effective team tactics by taking early control of the race, setting a strong pace, and switching leaders once every two laps. Defending Champion Muktar Edris darted out to the front, with his teammates Selemon Barega and Telahun Haile Bekele following closely. Olympic silver medalist Paul Chelimo and his teammate Hassan Mead of the U.S. stayed close as well, along with Canadian-record holder Mohammed Ahmed, Kenyans Jacob Krop and Nicholas Kimeli, and Bahraini athlete Birhanu Balew. Initially, the Ingebrigsten brothers stayed towards the rear of the leading group, and even briefly lost contact with the front - presumably to conserve energy until the swift early pace had settled down.

The Ethiopian team aggressively defended their lead throughout the first 4000m of the race and switched leaders once every 800 meters like clockwork. Edris took the lead for the first two laps, running the first lap in a quick 61.5 seconds, and a slower second lap of 65.9 seconds. At 800 meters, his teammate Bekele took over the lead and increased the pace. At 1600m, Barega went to the front and continued pushing the fast pace that his teammates had set. After 2400m, Bekele took the lead again. The pace began to decrease slightly, despite that it was still quick enough for Bekele to bring the pack through 3 kilometers in 7:53.0. This allowed the Ingebrigsten brothers to catch up to the leading group and start moving up through the pack. Chelimo (and briefly, Filip Ingebrigtsen) led for less than one lap, before Barega recaptured the lead around 3400m. The fast pace was continuing to slightly decrease as Barega led the pack for one more lap. With three laps to go, and as the pace slowed, Ahmed moved to the front and tried make a long run for the finish line.

The final kilometer of the race was extremely hectic. The athletes were positioned far too close to each other, considering how quickly and aggressively they were running. For the next two laps, the athletes consistently bumped into one another, clipped each other’s heels, and lost their balance - with some competitors pushing and almost falling over each other. Between 1000 and 600 meters remaining, Ahmed attempted to escape the chaos by injecting a brutal 59.9 second lap. The other athletes, however, were unrelenting and stuck to Ahmed like glue. Ahmed visibly threw his arms up in frustration after the other athletes continued to clip his heels and prevent him from running the inside line despite his vicious sub-60 lap. Heavily affected by the fast pace and physical contact with other athletes, Filip dropped out with 550m remaining, which left Jakob as the remaining Ingebrigsten sibling in contention for a medal. As Jakob chased Ahmed on the penultimate straightaway, he clipped Ahmed’s heels once more, causing Ahmed to almost trip and fall.

On the final lap, Jakob Ingebrigsten made an early, aggressive (and consequently, fatal) move to the front. As he asserted his 1500m footspeed, Chelimo attempted to stay with him. Ahmed, Barega, and Edris were all wise to this error, and did not challenge Jakob as aggressively as Chelimo did. Barega and Edris passed Ahmed as they began winding up their pace in preparation for their final attack. As Jakob and Chelimo began running out of steam off of the final bend, Barega passed them first, with Edris coming wide on the outside. Edris sprinted past Barega to defend his title, with a final lap of 55 seconds. Ahmed and Bekele passed Ingebrigsten and Chelimo for the third and fourth place, respectively. Evidently suffering from his early move, Jakob Ingebrigtsen was slowing rapidly, and dove at the finish line for a very close fifth place. He then laid on the track, looking visibly exhausted.


Before the competition records were as follows:[2]

World record   Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) 12:37.35 Hengelo, Netherlands 31 May 2004
Championship record   Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) 12:52.79 Saint-Denis, France 31 August 2003
World Leading   Telahun Bekele (ETH) 12:52.98 Rome, Italy 6 June 2019
African Record   Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) 12:37.35 Hengelo, Netherlands 31 May 2004
Asian Record   Albert Rop (BHR) 12:51.96 Monaco 19 July 2013
North, Central American and Caribbean record   Bernard Lagat (USA) 12:53.60 Monaco 22 July 2011
South American Record   Marilson Gomes dos Santos (BRA) 13:19.43 Kassel, Germany 8 June 2006
European Record   Mohammed Mourhit (BEL) 12:49.71 Brussels, Belgium 25 August 2000
Oceanian record   Craig Mottram (AUS) 12:55.76 London, Great Britain 30 July 2004

Qualification standardEdit

The standard to qualify automatically for entry was 13:22.50.[3]


The event schedule, in local time (UTC+3), was as follows:[4]

Date Time Round
27 September 19:45 Heats
30 September 21:20 Final



Qualification: First 5 in each heat (Q) and the next 5 fastest (q) advanced to the final.[5]

Rank Heat Name Nationality Time Notes
1 2 Paul Chelimo   United States (USA) 13:20.18 Q
2 2 Telahun Haile Bekele   Ethiopia (ETH) 13:20.45 Q
3 2 Filip Ingebrigtsen   Norway (NOR) 13:20.52 Q
4 2 Stewart McSweyn   Australia (AUS) 13:20.58 Q
5 2 Nicholas Kimeli   Kenya (KEN) 13:20.82 Q
6 2 Isaac Kimeli   Belgium (BEL) 13:20.99 q
7 2 Henrik Ingebrigtsen   Norway (NOR) 13:21.22 q
8 2 Hassan Mead   United States (USA) 13:22.11 q, SB
9 1 Selemon Barega   Ethiopia (ETH) 13:24.69 Q
10 1 Jacob Krop   Kenya (KEN) 13:24.94 Q
11 1 Muktar Edris   Ethiopia (ETH) 13:25.00 Q, SB
12 1 Jakob Ingebrigtsen   Norway (NOR) 13:25.20 Q
13 1 Mohammed Ahmed   Canada (CAN) 13:25.35 Q
14 1 Birhanu Balew   Bahrain (BHR) 13:25.70 q
15 2 Justyn Knight   Canada (CAN) 13:25.95 q
16 1 Andrew Butchart   Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 13:26.46
17 1 Morgan McDonald   Australia (AUS) 13:26.80
18 2 Stephen Kissa   Uganda (UGA) 13:27.36
19 1 Ben True   United States (USA) 13:27.39
20 1 Patrick Tiernan   Australia (AUS) 13:28.42
21 1 Yemaneberhan Crippa   Italy (ITA) 13:29.08
22 2 Bouh Ibrahim   Djibouti (DJI) 13:36.39
23 2 Ben Connor   Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 13:36.92
24 2 Sam Parsons   Germany (GER) 13:38.53
25 1 Julien Wanders   Switzerland (SUI) 13:38.95
26 1 Robin Hendrix   Belgium (BEL) 13:39.69
27 2 Abadi Hadis   Ethiopia (ETH) 13:42.89
28 1 Oscar Chelimo   Uganda (UGA) 13:42.94
29 1 Marc Scott   Great Britain & N.I. (GBR) 13:47.12
30 1 Richard Ringer   Germany (GER) 13:49.20
31 2 Soufiyan Bouqantar   Morocco (MAR) 14:03.16
32 1 Jamal Abdelmaji Eisa Mohammed   Athlete Refugee Team (ART) 14:15.32
33 1 Tariq Ahmed Al-Amri   Saudi Arabia (KSA) 14:21.19
34 2 Tachlowini Gabriyesos   Athlete Refugee Team (ART) 14:28.11
35 1 Braima Suncar Dabó   Guinea-Bissau (GBS) 18:10.87 PB
2 Gerard Giraldo   Colombia (COL) DNF
2 Said El Otmani   Italy (ITA) DNF
2 Viro Ma   Cambodia (CAM) DNF
1 Jonathan Busby   Aruba (ARU) DSQ 144.3(f)


The final was started on 30 September at 21:20.[6]

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
  Muktar Edris   Ethiopia (ETH) 12:58.85 SB
  Selemon Barega   Ethiopia (ETH) 12:59.70
  Mohammed Ahmed   Canada (CAN) 13:01.11
4 Telahun Haile Bekele   Ethiopia (ETH) 13:02.29
5 Jakob Ingebrigtsen   Norway (NOR) 13:02.93
6 Jacob Krop   Kenya (KEN) 13:03.08 PB
7 Paul Chelimo   United States (USA) 13:04.60 SB
8 Nicholas Kimeli   Kenya (KEN) 13:05.27
9 Birhanu Balew   Bahrain (BHR) 13:14.66
10 Justyn Knight   Canada (CAN) 13:26.63
11 Hassan Mead   United States (USA) 13:27.05
12 Stewart McSweyn   Australia (AUS) 13:30.41
13 Henrik Ingebrigtsen   Norway (NOR) 13:36.25
14 Isaac Kimeli   Belgium (BEL) 13:44.29
Filip Ingebrigtsen   Norway (NOR) DNF


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