2019 Guatemalan general election

General elections were held in Guatemala on 16 June 2019, to elect the President, Congress and local councils. A second round of the presidential elections was held on 11 August 2019, since no candidate won a majority in the first round. Alejandro Giammattei won the election in the second round of voting.

2019 Guatemalan general election

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Opinion polls
Presidential election
16 June 2019 (first round)
11 August 2019 (second round)
  Alejandro Giammattei (2019) (cropped).jpg Sandra Torres 2019 (croppedb).jpg
Nominee Alejandro Giammattei Sandra Torres
Party Vamos UNE
Running mate Guillermo Castillo Carlos Raúl Morales
Popular vote 1,907,767 1,384,044
Percentage 57.95% 42.05%

Guatemala primera vuelta 2019.png
Guatemala segunda vuelta 2019.png

President before election

Jimmy Morales

Elected President

Alejandro Giammattei

Legislative election

All 160 seats in Congress
81 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
UNE Orlando Blanco 17.81 52 +24
Vamos Carlos Roberto Calderón 7.97 17 New
UCN Julio Lainfiesta 5.44 12 +6
Valor Luis Alfonso Rosales 4.56 9 New
BIEN Evelyn Morataya 4.82 8 +8
FCN Javier Hernández 5.22 8 -27
Semilla Lucrecia Hernández Mack 5.26 7 New
Todos Felipe Alejos 4.40 7 -9
VIVA Armando Castillo 4.70 7 +3
CREO Adela de Torrebiarte 4.41 6 +1
PHG Lecsan Mérida 4.67 6 New
Winaq Sonia Gutiérrez 3.51 4 +3
Victoria Juan Carlos Rivera 2.52 4 +4
PC Jorge García Silva 3.27 3 New
Unionist Álvaro Arzú Escobar 2.94 3 +2
URNG Osmundo Ponce Serrano 2.78 3 +2
PAN Manuel Conde Orellana 2.73 2 -1
MLP Vicenta Jerónimo 3.02 1 New
Podemos Ronald Sierra 1.68 1 -11
2019 Guatemalan legislative election - Results.svg
Legislative results
President of the Congress before President of the Congress after
Álvaro Arzú Escobar
Allan Rodríguez

Incumbent President Jimmy Morales was constitutionally barred from running for a second four-year term.[1][2]

Electoral systemEdit

The President of Guatemala is elected using the two-round system.[3]

The 160 members of Congress are elected by two methods; 130 are elected from 22 multi-member constituencies based on the departments, with the remaining 31 elected from a single nationwide constituency. Seats are elected using closed list proportional representation, with seats allocated using the D'Hondt method.[3]


Thelma Aldana's candidature was rejected by authorities in April 2019 on the grounds of alleged corruption cases concerning her. She denies the accusations and attributes them to what she calls the "pact of the corrupt", composed of politicians and business leaders of the country. As former Attorney General, she had uncovered several major corruption cases.[4] Aldana appealed the ruling, but the appeal was rejected in May 2019.[5]

The candidature of Zury Ríos, daughter of Guatemalan dictator from 1982 to 1983 Efraín Ríos Montt, was rejected by authorities in May 2019 on the grounds that the country's constitution bars close relatives of coup leaders from serving as president.[6][7]

In April 2019, centre-right candidate Mario Estrada was arrested. He is accused by the American authorities of having made a deal with the Sinaloa cartel - from which he allegedly obtained between 10 and 12 million dollars for his election campaign - and of having ordered the murder of rival candidates.[8]

Party Presidential candidate Vice Presidential candidate
   PANP   Roberto Arzú   José Antonio Farias
  Todos   Fredy Cabrera   Ricardo Sagastume
  MLP   Thelma Cabrera   Neftalí López
  URNG   Pablo Ceto[9]   Blanca Estela Colop
  PPT   José Luis Chea   Guillermo González
  PU   Pablo Duarte[10][11]   Roberto Villeda
CREO   Julio Héctor Estrada[12][13]   Yara Argueta
  VIVA   Isaac Farchi Sultán   Ricardo Flores Asturias
  FCN   Estuardo Galdámez [14][15]   Betty Marroquín Silva
  Libre   Aníbal García[16][17]   Carlos Pérez
  Vamos   Alejandro Giammattei[18]
  Guillermo Castillo
  EG   Manfredo Marroquín   Oscar Adolfo Morales
  C   Benito Morales[21][22]   Claudia Mariana Valiente
  PHG   Edmond Mulet   Jorge Pérez
  Victoria   Amílcar Rivera   Erico Can Saquic
  Avanza   Danilo Roca Barillas   Manuel Martínez
  UNE   Sandra Torres[19][23]   Carlos Raúl Morales
  Unidos   Luis Velásquez Quiroga   Arturo Soto
  Winaq   Manuel Villacorta[24][25][26]   Izabel Hernández

Declined candidatesEdit

Opinion pollsEdit

First roundEdit

Second roundEdit


2019 Guatemalan general election debates
Date Organisers Moderator(s)     P  Present    P  Present but his candidacy was revoked 
 NI  Non-invitee   A  Absent invitee 
2 June AGG Luis Felipe Valenzuela
Marielos Fuentes
28 July AGG Luis Felipe Valenzuela
Marielos Fuentes



CandidateRunning matePartyFirst roundSecond round
Sandra TorresCarlos Raúl MoralesNational Unity of Hope1,112,93925.421,384,04442.05
Alejandro GiammatteiGuillermo Castillo ReyesVamos608,08313.891,907,76757.95
Edmond MuletJorge PérezHumanist Party of Guatemala493,71011.28
Thelma CabreraNeftalí LópezMovement for the Liberation of Peoples452,26010.33
Roberto ArzúJosé Antonio FariasNational Advancement PartyPodemos267,0496.10
Isaac FarchiRicardo Flores AsturiasVision with Values259,6165.93
Manuel VillacortaIzabel HernándezWinaq229,3625.24
Estuardo GaldámezBetty Marroquín SilvaNational Convergence Front180,4144.12
Julio Héctor EstradaYara ArguetaCommitment, Renewal and Order165,0313.77
Fredy CabreraRicardo SagastumeTodos138,3333.16
Amílcar RiveraErico Can SaquicVictory111,9982.56
Pablo CetoBlanca Estela ColopGuatemalan National Revolutionary Unity94,5312.16
Pablo DuarteRoberto VilledaUnionist Party62,6791.43
Manfredo MarroquínOscar Adolfo MoralesEncuentro por Guatemala50,5941.16
Aníbal GarcíaCarlos PérezLibre41,8000.95
Benito MoralesClaudia Mariana ValienteConvergence37,5790.86
Luis Velásquez QuiroaArturo SotoUnidos26,9210.61
José Luis Chea UrruelaMario Guillermo GonzálezProductivity and Work Party23,9620.55
Danilo RocaManuel MartínezAvanza21,4100.49
Valid votes4,378,27186.863,291,81194.68
Invalid/blank votes662,15213.14184,9475.32
Total votes5,040,423100.003,476,758100.00
Registered voters/turnout8,150,22161.848,150,22142.66
Source: TSE, TSE


National Unity of Hope717,20417.817731,01517.434754+26
National Change Union218,9145.442243,7575.811012+6
National Convergence Front210,3075.222227,1445.4268–27
Bienestar Nacional194,0674.822209,2064.9968+8
Vision with Values189,4674.702181,5884.3357+3
Humanist Party of Guatemala188,2344.672186,7764.4546New
Commitment, Renewal and Order177,6814.411189,6544.5256+1
Citizen Prosperity131,6943.271152,5403.6423New
Movement for the Liberation of Peoples121,7433.021123,0842.9401New
Unionist Party118,3372.941109,7362.6223+2
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity112,0372.781116,9432.7923+2
National Advancement Party110,0162.731104,9002.5012–1
Encuentro por Guatemala71,6681.78066,2501.5800–6
Productivity and Work Party29,7290.74030,6560.7300New
Valid votes4,027,42579.72
Invalid/blank votes1,024,40520.28
Total votes5,051,830100.00
Registered voters/turnout8,150,22161.98
Source: TSE, TSE, IPU

Central American ParliamentEdit

National Unity of Hope626,82118.845+1
National Change Union226,7326.812+1
National Convergence Front213,3926.412
Bienestar Nacional174,4655.241+1
Commitment, Renewal and Order165,8324.981+1
Vision with Values161,4744.851
Citizen Prosperity136,2044.091New
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity106,3733.201
National Advancement Party99,7303.000
Unionist Party92,9682.790–1
Encuentro por Guatemala56,9431.710–1
Valid votes3,327,64465.97
Invalid/blank votes1,716,40834.03
Total votes5,044,052100.00
Registered voters/turnout8,086,52662.38
Source: Supreme Electoral Tribunal


Party C. M. % ±
National Advancement Party 41
Valor 156 New
Todos 161
Podemos 76
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity 75
National Unity of Hope 314
Unionist Party 111
Bienestar Nacional 130
National Change Union 206
Encuentro por Guatemala 58
Vision with Values 115
National Convergence Front 205
Convergence 57
Commitment, Renewal and Order 132
Victoria 59
Winaq 54
Fuerza 152
Unidos 44 New
Productivity and Work Party 36 New
Vamos 255 New
Avanza 47 New
Humanist Party of Guatemala 123 New
Movement for the Liberation of Peoples 109 New
Citizen Prosperity 120 New
Semilla 143 New
Libre 69 New
Civic committees 121
Total 3,169 340 100 0
Source: Supreme Electoral Tribunal



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