Commitment, Renewal and Order

Commitment, Renewal and Order (Spanish: Compromiso, Renovación y Orden, CREO; lit.'I believe') is a political party in Guatemala.

Commitment, Renewal and Order
Compromiso, Renovación y Orden
LeaderRoberto González Díaz-Durán
Founded27 October 2010
IdeologyEconomic liberalism
Social conservatism[1] Familism[1]
Political positionCentre-right[1][2]
Central American ParliamentCenter-Democratic Integration Group
Seats in Congress
3 / 160

History Edit

The party was established on 27 October 2010. In the 2011 general elections it nominated Eduardo Suger as its presidential candidate; Suger finished third with 16% of the vote. In the Congressional elections the party finished fifth with 9% of the vote, winning 12 of the 158 seats.[3]

In the 2015 general elections the party entered into an electoral pact with the Unionist Party. In the Congressional elections the alliance received 5.73% of the vote, winning five seats in Congress. Its presidential candidate was leader Roberto González Díaz-Durán, who received 3.48% of the vote

In the 2019 general elections, the party received 4.41% of the Congressional vote and won six seats. Its presidential ticket, with Julio Héctor Estrada and Yara Argueta running for President and Vice President respectively, focused their campaign on strengthening state institutions and reformation of the penal system, including the construction of a high-security prison in the north of Guatemala and received 3.77% of the vote.[4]

In the 2023 general elections, the party the nominated former Health Minister Francisco Arredondo as a presidential candidate and former Defense Minister Francisco Bermúdez as a vice-presidential candidate. On 21 March, the Electoral Tribunal announced that it had rejected the candidacy due to "legal problems" of Arredondo.[5] The political party filed a legal appeal to reverse the decision of the electoral court, finally, the magistrates accepted the appeal and registered Arredondo as a presidential candidate.[6]

Election results Edit

President Edit

Election Candidate First round Second round Status
President Vice President Votes % Votes %
2011 Eduardo Suger Laura Reyes 737,452 16.56 (#3) Lost
2015[a] Roberto González Díaz-Durán Rodolfo Neutze Aguirre 166,960 3.48 (#8) Lost
2019 Julio Héctor Estrada Yara Argueta 165,031 3.77 (#9) Lost
2023 Francisco Arredondo Francisco Bermúdez 41,601 1.00 (#15) Lost
  1. ^ Ran in coalition with the UP.

Congress Edit

Election Votes % Seats +/– Status
2011 382,730 8.73 (#5)
12 / 158
New Opposition
2015[a] 261,040 5.73 (#7)
5 / 158
  8 Opposition
2019 177,681 4.41 (#9)
6 / 160
  1 Opposition
2023 84,667 2.03 (#16)
3 / 160
  3 TBA
  1. ^ Ran in coalition with the UP.

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