2013 World Games

The 2013 World Games (Spanish: Juegos del mundo 2013), the ninth World Games, were an international multi-sport event held in the city of Cali, Colombia, from July 25 to August 4.[2]

World Games IX
Juegos Mundiales IX
World Games 2013 logo.png
Host cityCali, Colombia
MottoFair play to the planet
Nations participating103
Athletes participating2,982
Events171 in 31 official sports
Opening ceremony25 July
Closing ceremony4 August
Officially opened byVice President Angelino Garzón[1]
Athlete's OathJorge Luis CiFuentes
Judge's OathMarta Luz Vega
Coach's OathHugo Cotuaz
Main venueEstadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero

Host city allocation historyEdit

The 2013 World Games were initially allocated to the German cities of Duisburg and Düsseldorf. However, at the end of 2008, Duisburg withdrew and Düsseldorf dropped out because both cities could not secure enough funding, partly as a result of the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the subsequent Great Recession.

Two alternate cities came forward to the IWGA to bid for these Games: Pretoria, South Africa and Cali, Colombia. During The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, the IWGA announced that Cali has won the right to host The World Games in 2013.


Official sportsEdit

The 2013 World Games programme featured 32 official sports, and 4 invitational sports. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of medal events, which were contested in each sports discipline.

Invitational sportsEdit

Garden of SportEdit

The "Garden of Sport" events were held in the neighboring towns of Buga and Jamundí. These demonstration events served to showcase these disciplines for potential inclusion in future games.

Two of the competitions were held at Coliseo Mayor in Buga:

The other three disciplines took place in Jamundí:


  • 2013 World Games Event Schedule
  • Note: Due to concerns about temperature and air flow at the Del Pueblo Gymnasium, where the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics was taking place, the Ribbons event was cancelled at the last moment.[5]

Key:   Invitational sport

 OC  Opening ceremony  ●   Event competitions   Event finals  CC  Closing ceremony
July/August 2013 25th
Ceremonies OC CC
Acrobatic gymnastics 2 2 1 5
Aerobic gymnastics 3 4 7
Air sports 3 3
Artistic roller skating 4 4
Beach handball 2 2
Billiard sports 4 4
Boules sports 8 8
Bowling 1 2 3
Canoe polo 2 2
Dancesport 1 2 3
Field archery 3 4 7
Finswimming 5 5 10
Fistball 1 1
Flying disc 1 1
Ju-jitsu 7 6 13
Karate 6 6 12
Korfball 1 1
Lifesaving 8 8 16
Orienteering 2 2 1 5
Powerlifting 3 3 2 8
Racquetball 2 2
Road speed skating 4 4 8
Rhythmic gymnastics 2 1 3
Roller inline hockey 1 1
Rugby sevens 1 1
Track speed skating 2 4 4 10
Sport climbing 2 2 4
Squash 2 2
Sumo 6 2 8
Trampoline gymnastics 1 3 4
Tug of war 1 2 3
Tumbling gymnastics 2 2
Waterskiing and Wakeboarding 4 4 8
Total gold medals 27 28 13 14 19 17 11 10 14 18 171
July/August 2013 25th
Canoe marathon 3 3 6
Duathlon 1 1 2
Softball 1 1
Wushu[a] 6 2 6 14
Total gold medals 1 1 1 3 9 2 6 23
Grand total of gold medals 28 29 13 14 20 17 14 19 16 24 194
  1. ^ Although originally scheduled, apparently no medals were awarded in wushu for the Men's Gunshu and Women's Qiangshu events.

Participant countriesEdit

Parade of nations at the opening ceremony of the World Games in Cali 2013
  • 2013 World Games participant countries[6] (with number of athletes):

Medal mistakeEdit

This particular edition made the mistake of putting the words "word games" instead of "world games," on one thousand medals.[7] This fact was reported by Colombian news organization Noticias Uno.[8][9] Several athletes smiled and were surprised upon seeing the typo.[10] According to the representative of the firm that engraved the medals, several authorities had seen and approved the medals' design without noticing the mistake, including Coldeportes director Andrés Botero, and the head of the Organizing Committee Rodrigo Otoya. The representative also stated that, according to a corporate policy, "... any mistake after the art has been approved (by the client) will not be responsibility of the Firm" [11] Regarding the medals, Rodrigo Guerrero, Mayor of Cali, stated that "This mistake in no way undermines the value of the medals, and the spirit of the games. People are making a tempest in a tea cup out of this situation."[12]

Medal resultsEdit

Official sportsEdit

Key: Medal tally of the 2013 World Games' Official Results website, which includes road speed skating.[13] In one aerobic gymnastics event there was a four-way tie for first place; four gold medals and no silver or bronze medals were awarded. In another aerobic gymnastics event there was a tie for second-place; two silver medals and no bronze medal were awarded. In two trampoline/tumbing gymnastics events, there was tie for first-place; in each event, two gold medals and no silver medal were awarded.

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1  Italy (ITA)18131849
2  Russia (RUS)17241253
3  France (FRA)16111340
4  Germany (GER)157830
5  China (CHN)146222
6  United States (USA)114419
7  Ukraine (UKR)910928
8  Colombia (COL)*8131031
9  Great Britain (GBR)66315
10  Chinese Taipei (TPE)55818
11  Brazil (BRA)5319
12  Japan (JPN)51410
13  Switzerland (SUI)4408
14  Denmark (DEN)3227
15  Sweden (SWE)3159
16  Belarus (BLR)3137
  Mexico (MEX)3137
18  Netherlands (NED)26513
19  Belgium (BEL)24410
20  Spain (ESP)2428
21  Chile (CHI)2305
  Poland (POL)2305
  Romania (ROU)2305
24  Slovenia (SLO)2103
25  Finland (FIN)2002
26  South Korea (KOR)1269
27  Austria (AUT)1236
28  New Zealand (NZL)1203
29  Croatia (CRO)1124
  Venezuela (VEN)1124
31  Hungary (HUN)[a]1102
  Vietnam (VIE)1102
33  South Africa (RSA)1034
34  Mongolia (MGL)1023
35  Azerbaijan (AZE)1012
  Lithuania (LTU)1012
37  India (IND)1001
  Malaysia (MAS)1001
  Moldova (MDA)1001
  Turkey (TUR)1001
41  Canada (CAN)0369
42  Norway (NOR)0347
43  Argentina (ARG)0325
  Egypt (EGY)0325
  Thailand (THA)0325
46  Czech Republic (CZE)0213
47  Australia (AUS)0134
48  Ecuador (ECU)0123
  Portugal (POR)0123
50  Greece (GRE)0112
  Iran (IRI)0112
52  Luxembourg (LUX)0101
53  El Salvador (ESA)0011
  Ireland (IRL)0011
  Israel (ISR)0011
  Morocco (MAR)0011
  Peru (PER)0011
  Philippines (PHI)0011
  Serbia (SRB)0011
Totals (59 nations)176169169514
  1. ^ In the men's middleweight sumo event, Istvan Kalmar (HUN) was stripped of a silver medal because of a positive doping test. Medals were reallocated.[14]

Invitational sportsEdit

Key: As of August 3, 2013, from the Games' official Invitational Sports Medal Tally.[15]

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1  Hungary (HUN)5207
2  China (CHN)5117
3  Iran (IRI)4004
4  France (FRA)1326
5  Vietnam (VIE)1203
6  Germany (GER)1023
7  Japan (JPN)1012
  United States (USA)1012
9  Belgium (BEL)1001
  Cuba (CUB)1001
  Hong Kong (HKG)1001
  Indonesia (INA)1001
13  Malaysia (MAS)0224
14  Russia (RUS)0202
15  Italy (ITA)0112
  Portugal (POR)0112
  Turkey (TUR)0112
  Ukraine (UKR)0112
19  Brazil (BRA)0101
  Canada (CAN)0101
  Chile (CHI)0101
  Czech Republic (CZE)0101
  India (IND)0101
  Spain (ESP)0101
  Venezuela (VEN)0101
26  Argentina (ARG)0011
  Colombia (COL)*0011
  Mexico (MEX)0011
  Netherlands (NED)0011
  Poland (POL)0011
Totals (30 nations)23231864


Host broadcasterEdit

International BroadcastersEdit


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