2010 Italian local elections

The 2010 Italian local elections were held on different dates; most on 29–30 March (second round on 11–12 April) concurrently with the Regional elections.

In Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol the elections were held on 15–16 May with a second ballot on 30–31 May; all of 321 comuni of the region voted for a new mayor and a new City Council.

In Aosta Valley the elections were held on 23–24 May in the city of Aosta.

On May 30–31 the elections were held in Sicily and Sardinia.

In Italy, direct elections were held in municipalities and provinces: in each municipality (comune) were chosen mayor and members of the City Council, in each province were chosen president and members of the Provincial Council.

Citizens living in Italy who were 18 or over on election day were entitled to vote in the local council elections.

Voting systemEdit

The voting system is used for all mayoral elections in Italy in cities with a population higher than 15,000. Under this system voters express a direct choice for the mayor or an indirect choice voting for the party of the candidate's coalition. If no candidate receives at least 50% of votes, the top two candidates go to a second round after two weeks. This gives a result whereby the winning candidate may be able to claim majority support, although it is not guaranteed.

The election of the City Council is based on a direct choice for the candidate with a preference vote: the candidate with the majority of the preferences is elected. The number of the seats for each party is determined proportionally.[1]

Municipal electionsEdit

Mayoral election resultsEdit

Cities Incumbent mayor Alliance Elected mayor Alliance
Aosta Guido Grimod Valdostan Union Bruno Giordano Valdostan Union
Bolzano Luigi Spagnolli Centre-left Luigi Spagnolli Centre-left
Venice Massimo Cacciari Centre-left Giorgio Orsoni Centre-left
Mantua Fiorenza Brioni Centre-left Nicola Sodano Centre-right
Lecco Sante Frantellizzi[a] None Virginio Brivio Centre-left
Lodi Lorenzo Guerini Centre-left Lorenzo Guerini Centre-left
Macerata Giorgio Meschini Centre-left Romano Carancini Centre-left
Chieti Francesco Ricci Centre-left Umberto Di Primio Centre-right
Matera Sandro Calvosa[b] None Salvatore Adduce Centre-left
Andria Vincenzo Zaccaro Centre-left Nicola Giorgino Centre-right
Vibo Valentia Francesco Sammarco Centre-left Nicola D'Agostino Centre-right
Nuoro Mauro Demuru Zidda Centre-left Alessandro Bianchi Centre-left
Iglesias Pierluigi Carta Centre-left Pierluigi Carta Centre-left
Sassari Gianfranco Ganau Centre-left Gianfranco Ganau Centre-left
Enna Gaspare Agnello Centre-left Paolo Garofalo Centre-left
  1. ^ Special commissioner replacing mayor Antonella Faggi (LN) since 28 October 2009.
  2. ^ Special commissioner replacing mayor Emilio Nicola Buccico (AN) since 5 October 2009.

City councilsEdit

City PdL PD LN SEL IdV UDC Others
Venice 10 17 4 0 4 2 7
Mantua 14 9 6 1 1 0 4
Lecco 8 20 7 1 1 0 1
Lodi 8 14 6 0 1 0 10
Chieti 13 7 0 0 2 6 11
Matera 4 12 0 1 4 1 17
Vibo Valentia 18 3 0 1 0 2 15
Macerata 8 14 0 4 2 2 7
Andria 13 4 0 2 1 0 17
Sassari 6 13 0 2 2 3 13
Iglesias 4 6 0 1 0 8 9
Nuoro 4 13 0 2 1 2 15

Provincial electionsEdit

Only 12 provinces were up for election. The elections was for a new provincial president and members of the Provincial Council. Four presidents were elected in March. Then on May was elected all the provincial president and Provincial Council of Sardinia.

President election resultsEdit

Provinces Incumbent president Alliance Elected president Alliance
Imperia Giovanni Giuliano Centre-right Luigi Sappa Centre-right
Viterbo Alessandro Mazzoli Centre-left Marcello Meroi Centre-right
L'Aquila Stefania Pezzopane Centre-left Antonio Del Corvo Centre-right
Caserta Alessandro De Franciscis Centre-left Domenico Zinzi Centre-right
Cagliari Graziano Milia Centre-left Graziano Milia Centre-left
Carbonia-Iglesias Pierfranco Gaviano Centre-left Salvatore Cherchi Centre-left
Medio Campidano Fulvio Tocco Centre-left Fulvio Tocco Centre-left
Nuoro Roberto Deriu Centre-left Roberto Deriu Centre-left
Ogliastra Pier Luigi Carta Centre-left Bruno Pilia Centre-left
Olbia-Tempio Anna Pietrina Murrighile Centre-left Fedele Sanciu Centre-right
Oristano Pasquale Onida Centre-right Massimiliano De Seneen Centre-right
Sassari Alessandra Giudici Centre-left Alessandra Giudici Centre-left

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  1. ^ The compactness of the minority is part of the goals that the law intends to achieve, avoiding fragmentation to establish a fruitful counterweight to the majority: Buonomo, Giampiero (2001). "Provinciali, seggi ai perdenti con il criterio delle coalizioni". Diritto&Giustizia Edizione Online. Archived from the original on 2016-03-24. Retrieved 2016-03-17.